It’s Friday the 13th, but we are in no way feeling unlucky thanks to all the new bangers we’ve been graced with on this New Music Friday.

Olivia Holt has finally blessed us with some new tunage that we’ll be adding to the soundtrack of our lives and Demi Lovato has made her debut on a country song. Put your headphones on and turn the music UP!


1. “Phoenix” by Olivia Holt

We have not-so-patiently been waiting for Olivia to release new music, and she is no longer holding out on us. Her new single “Phoenix” has all the fun beats of a pop song mixed with the uplifting lyrics of an indie anthem. We’re definitely adding this to our road trip playlist.


2. “Thursday” by Lostboycrow

We’re convinced this track could make even the worst of dancers look like straight up pros. You just get lost in the beats and will find yourself vibing to the rhythm all throughout the day!


3. “Just Another Face” by Modern Baseball

We love when an artist is completely real with their fans about the past and present life situations. Modern Baseball laid it all out there with their new album Holy Ghost, and this song in particular. Their honesty is like no other. Just, wow.


4. “This One’s for You” by David Guetta feat. Zara Larsson

When has David Guetta not supplied us with a bop that’s worthy of grooving out to with our squad? Definitely never, and “This One’s for You” with Zara Larsson is proof. Zara’s vocals bring such a vivacious energy to the song, which makes it impossible to not get caught up in the moment while jamming to this single.


5. “Without a Fight” by Brad Paisley feat. Demi Lovato

Hearing that Demi would be featured on a country song had us incredibly intrigued. It’s awesome when artists venture into music genres that they aren’t associated with. Demi’s and Brad’s voices blend so perfectly together on “Without a Fight.” You need to listen to this duet ASAP.


And here’s all the songs in our New Music Friday playlist to make things easier for you:


Did you catch all the new hits that were released last Friday? If not, listen to them all HERE.