Disney's New Iridescent Minnie Mouse Ears Are Too Cute to Miss

Disney gets us. The company just revealed its new, iridescent Minnie ears, and they're gorgeous.

At this point, there are almost too many wonderful, sparkly ear options, but that doesn't mean we don't want them. If you, like us, need a little more iridescence in your life, here's how and when you can buy them. They're not going to wear themselves, after all.

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The lovely ears are headed to Disney Parks this summer. Unfortunately, the company hasn't yet given a more specific date or location. Seeing as summer officially begins on June 21, though, they could be arriving as early as Thursday.

As for where, Disney says they'll be in "select stores," which, unfortunately, means you may have to do some searching around the parks. The good news is that even if you can't find the newest ears, there are plenty more pretty ones to choose from.

The latest Minnie ears may take some effort to get, but it looks like they'd be worth it. Besides being velvet-lined and sequin-covered, they feature a big bow that looks blue, pink, or purple, depending on your angle and the light. Disney Style describes them as "unicorn-inspired" and "Lada Gaga-esque," which is definitely a good thing in a pair of Minnie ears.

We'll update if we get any new information, but until then, happy hunting!


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