25 Instagram Captions for Your Next Dramatic Hair Change

Done staring at yourself adoringly in the mirror after your latest haircut? Good—it's time to snap some pics!

And, once you take that perfect pic to capture exactly what makes your new 'do so perfect, you're going to need the perfect caption for Instagram. We think the following quotes will perfectly capture your dramatic hair change.

For when you're feeling brand new in your new 'do:

"Hair doesn't make the woman, but good hair definitely helps."


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For when you cut it all off:

"Short hair, don't care.'


For a fun transformation video of your new dye job:

"Nobody's gonna tell me how to wear my hair."

-"My Hair" by The Maine


For when your new hairstyle is headline-worthy:

"If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle."

-Hillary Rodham Clinton


For a snap of all the hair you cut off, strewn about the floor:

"Snip, snip!"


For when your hair looks so good you feel like you can do anything:

"With good hair, I can rule the world."


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For a selfie with your freshly trimmed locks:

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

-Coco Channel


For a snap of you sipping coffee while sitting under a dryer in the salon:

"First I do the coffee, then I do the hair."


For a portrait of your totally colorful tresses:

"Life is too short for boring hair."

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For a boomerang of your stylist chopping off your strands:

"Gotta get him out my hair."

-"Hair" by Little Mix


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For when you use a wig to switch it up:

"People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don't know, I'm never there."

-Dolly Parton


For a pic of your hair all done up:

"I'm a queen and my hair is my crown."

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For a clip of you hair-flipping your way out of the salon:

"Love yourself as much as I love my new hair."


For a photo series of your hair transformation:

"Everything feels better after a haircut."


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For a serious selfie reminding everyone not to touch your hair:

"Don't touch my hair, when it's the feelings I wear."

-"Don't Touch My Hair" by Solange


For a candid of you cheesing real big post-haircut:

"Hair is a woman's glory."

-Maya Angelou


For a sultry snap of you all dolled up to show off your new look:

"New hair, who dis?"


For a shot of your hairstylist adding highlights to your locks:

"Highlighting my best feature."


For a pic reminding everyone you're doing fine after your breakup:

"Gorgeous hair is the best revenge."


For when your hair is bigger and bolder than ever:

"Sorry—I can't hear you over the volume of my hair."


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For thanking your magician of a stylist:

"I think that the most important thing a woman can have—next to talent, of course—is her hairdresser."

-Joan Crawford


For a boomerang of you whipping your hair back and forth:

"I whip my hair back and forth."

-"Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith

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For when you've just spent a lot of money and your hair and you want to flaunt it:

"Invest in your hair—it's the crown you never take off."


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For when you're feeling extra powerful in your new fiery red hair:

"Red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous."

-P.G. Wodehouse, Very Good, Jeeves!


For the haircut that's putting all eyes on you:

"First you get the haircut, then you get the attention."


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