38 New Emojis Are Coming, But These Are The Ones You Should Be Obsessed With

A set of 38 new emojis will grace our phones and computer screens in 2016, but it's never too early to start playing favorites. Here are the only new emojis you should care about if you want to win every text convo.

1. Mother Christmas

Remind the person you're talking to that your presence is a gift in itself.

mrs claus emoji

2. Clown Face

When you're angry with someone, send them the scariest of all emojis, the clown face, to strike fear in their heart.

clown emoji scary

3. Nauseated Face

To kindly let your friend know that the outfit/boy she's excited about is SO not cute.

nauseated face emoji

4. Drooling Face

The perfect response for when someone sends you a pic of their envy-worthy vacay, the cutest cupcake ever or Harry Styles.

drooling face emoji

5. Owl

When you're trying to play it cool, you can be like, "who???"

owl emoji

6. Selfie

Let your friends know in an instant that your look is totally on fuh-leek.

selfie emoji

7. Face Palm

When your autocorrect makes it look like you don't know your their/they're/theres.

face palm emoji

8. Shrug

The simplest reply to most texts from your parents.

shrug emoji

9. Bacon

And of course bacon, because bacon makes everything better, texts included. But you already knew that.

bacon emoji

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