How to Experience Prom Like Royalty Even If You're Not on Court

There's a limited number of spots on prom court, and if you didn't end up with a crown on your head, it doesn't mean you (and your pals) still can't celebrate like the royalty you are.

Scroll down for ways to experience prom like royalty even if court is out of the question!

Pamper Yourself

If you have a sense that you won't end up with a crown on your head or a sash as part of your outfit, go ahead and treat yourself like royalty before the night begins. Get your nails done or have someone do your makeup. If money or time is a concern, pick up a face mask from the drugstore and pamper yourself at home. Even if you're not prom king or queen, you'll look like one!


Bring Out the Bling

Royalty (prom and otherwise) is always dripping with jewels. We're not saying you need to drop a ton of money and sport some real ice, but there are inexpensive ways to add some sparkle to your look just like a real king or queen might. A blinged-out bracelet will add a touch of royalty to any ensemble, and if you're wearing your hair back, try adding some glitter clips or a regal headband. That's close to a crown, right?

Cady Heron at Prom in Mean Girls
(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


Pose for Plenty of Pics

Just because you're not on court, doesn't mean you can't have your own photoshoot and act like the queen that you are. While it's important that you enjoy the night and live in the moment, you should also make sure you get plenty of photos from the evening. Pose with your date, your friends, your classmates and anyone else you might miss once you say goodbye to high school. When you glance back at the photos in years to come, you'll (hopefully) have some great memories from an incredible night and you'll feel like royalty even if your crown was MIA.


Have Yourself a Royal Feast

Once prom is over, gather a group of your friends and go out for a royal feast. Crown or not, you're going to be hungry and deserve food fit for a king or queen once all the dancing and excitement is officially behind you. Whether you head to the mall and hit up The Cheesecake Factory or go to a local restaurant in your city or town, make sure you leave stuffed and happy.

Kurt and Mercedes at Prom in Glee
(Glee via FOX)


Make a Post-Prom Plan

Prom represents the end of the school year for many (aside from graduation, of course) but you've still got some time left with your pals before you all go your separate ways. Prom court or not, make a post-prom plan that makes you hang on to that awesome, on-top-of-the-world feeling for just a tad longer. Take a day trip to the beach with your crew or embark on a weekend road trip with friends. Keep that rush going for as long as you can!


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