Your Gamer Dad Will Love These Awesome Father's Day Gifts Under $40

Father's Day is coming up very soon, so it's time to start thinking about gifts if you haven't yet. If your dad loves video games, that makes your job a lot easier.

Even if you can't afford to buy your dad that game he's been eyeing, you can still help him celebrate his biggest passion with a gaming-themed gift. Here are some of our favorite ideas under $40 for those of us on a budget.

Sock It to Me + Tetris Socks: $11

In our experience, dads love Tetris. There's something about those falling blocks and that jaunty—yet slightly stressful—music that can keep them entertained for hours on end. If your dad also happens to adore graphic socks, they won't be able to resist these pairs from Sock It to Me.



GoRetro! Portable: $34.99

Speaking of Tetris, if your dad has been itching to play the game but isn't quite tech-savvy enough to play it on his phone, why not get him a Game Boy-style gaming device with Tetris programmed right in? In addition to the iconic puzzler, this handheld features another 260 games including BurgerTimeMega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 and Ghosts 'N Goblins.

Retro-Bit GoRetro! Portable blue console


Zelda Soap Pack: $26.13

If your dad misses all of his classic consoles, bring back those great memories with these soap bars that look exactly like real Zelda game cartridges. You can go with the classic grey or select another fun, fresh color for the carts, and pick from dozens of amazing scents. If your dad isn't a Zelda fan, do a search around Etsy to see if there are other gamer soaps that might be up his alley.


(via Etsy)


PlayStation Button Metal Coasters: $10.32

Whether your dad still plays his PS4 on the regular or is simply sentimental about his PS One days, we bet he'll adore this set of four metal coasters styled like PlayStation buttons. The circle, square, triangle and X shapes in their classic colors are iconic, and they're a subtle way to show off his fandom without being too overtly geeky.


(via Box Lunch)


Poké Ball PopSockets: $14.90

If your dad still plays Pokémon Go on a regular basis, maybe it's time you got him this Poké Ball PopSockets. The sleek accessory will stick on the back to his phone, making it easier and more comfortable than ever to catch 'em all, and the design is simultaneously simple and instantly recognizable. It's about time he became a Pokémon master.


(via Box Lunch)


PlayStation Classic : $39.99

The PlayStation Classic is one convenient and awesome-looking package that comes loaded with 20 classic PlayStation games. While we don't necessarily recommend it at its original $100 price tag, it's become easy to find them online for under $40. Maybe your dad is eager to replay titles like Metal Gear SolidResident Evil and Abe's Oddysee. This will let him play them all, plus more.


(via PlayStation)


Basic Fun Arcade Classics: $16

Arcades were a big deal in the '80s and '90s. If your dad frequented them during their heyday, let him relive those memories with one of these adorable mini-arcade cabinets from Basic Fun.  The line includes Centipede, Frogger, Space Invaders, Pac-Man and more, and their low price means you don't have to pick just one.

Basic Fun Tetris and Ms. Pac Man Mini Arcades


Blood Sweat & Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made: $16.99

Some dads are more into the history of the development and business end of gaming than they are in actually playing the games. If that sounds like your father, we highly recommend Jason Schreier'Blood, Sweat, and Pixels. Not only is it a fascinating deep dive into the chaotic world of game development, but it's also well written, making it an accessible read for anyone who's interested in the topics it covers.


(via Harper Collins)


Pac Man Heat-Sensitive Ceramic Mug: $29.72

If your gamer dad needs his morning coffee to make it through the day, consider this adorable, heat-sensitive mug. When it's on the shelf, he'll only see the outline of the Pac-Man maze, but when he fills it with a hot beverage, the full game image (complete with dots, ghosts and Pac-Man himself) will appear.


(via DHGate)


GameFly Subscription: $15.95 per month

When you know that the No. 1 thing on your dad's wish list is a game, but can't afford to buy it for him, a GameFly subscription is the next best thing. For $15.95 a month, this service will allow him to rent one game at a time from a selection of more than 9000 titles. Maybe he'll love it so much that he'll pick up the subscription once your gift runs out.


(via Gamefly)


Kinivo 5-Port HDMI Switcher: $39.99

Some dads are totally up to date with all of the latest game consoles, which can unfortunately hog up all of the HDMI slots at the back of your TV. If your father has to unplug and then replug all kinds of cables every time he wants to play a game, consider getting him this handy HDMI switcher. It'll switch automatically based on whichever input is active, so he can reduce clutter and spend even more time enjoying his favorite games.


(via Amazon)


The Unofficial SNES/Super Famicom: A Visual Compendium: $37.60

For the dad who still loves retro games, this unofficial visual compendium of Nintendo's Super Nintendo and Super Famicom systems is the perfect coffee table book. This 540-page book is packed with vintage video game art and history, including interviews with the games' creators and biggest fans. Your dad might think he knows everything there is to know about the SNES, but we think this book has a few things to teach him.



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