What Your Favorite Store in the Mall Says About You

You can pretty much order anything you could ever want online these days, but for those that love to shop, there's just something about hitting up stores in real life—when it's safe to do so, of course.

If you've ever stepped foot inside a mall in America, you know that there are some stores that are just staples. You're bound to run into one no matter where you decide to make your shopping journey. In fact, there's something almost comforting about the routine list of stores that you find in nearly every mall in the United States—you know exactly what kind of experience to expect.

Mean Girls shopping

(Mean Girls via Paramount)

Yet no one's shopping experience is exactly the same, and that's because everyone has a store they simply must hit upon arrival. In fact, your favorite store in the mall says a lot about your personality. Find your favorite below to see what it means about you. Happy shopping!

Bath & Body Works

The smell of Bath & Body Works' Vanilla Bean Noel can take you on a journey into your fondest memories. If this is your favorite store in the mall, you love basking in nostalgia. You still rewatch all your old favorite Disney Channel sitcoms on Disney+, are always thrilled when chokers come back in style, and were the first one to send your friends Aly and AJ's new version of "Potential Breakup Song."


(via Bath and Body Works)



You're solid and dependable, just like your favorite store to shop for basics and well-cut jeans. You are the person your friends go to for practical advice, and also make a killer spreadsheet for planning surprise parties.



Your friends joke that you always have a new TV show recommendation or a person you're crushing on, but you can't help it— you get bored if your life isn't constantly about variety. It's the spice of life, after all.


The Apple Store

You're an exploratory person who loves to experience things, which is why the Apple Store is your preferred place to shop. You can't go home with a new laptop or iPhone every single time you enter the Apple Store, but you certainly can have fun testing out new features. You may be a bit of a know-it-all (admit it, you tell your friends that you, too, could be behind the Genius Bar) but there's no one who your friends go to with tech issues before you.



You're a super friendly person who loves chatting with strangers, which is exactly what you have to do every time you go into Lush. You're open-minded about trying new things, be it bar shampoo or a new fusion restaurant.



You're someone who doesn't like to make decisions—you prefer to just let life guide you down the right path, because you know that whatever happens, things are going to work out just fine. You've stumbled upon more than one passion in life, and in Sephora, you know you'll find a product that becomes your go-to with enough time in the store.


(via Sephora)


Forever 21

You are the fun friend who always pushes your pals to take chances and go after what they want. Sometimes, that means encouraging them to buy that $12 sequin tube top, and other times it means texting their crush first.


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