Coming up with Instagram captions is easier said than done, which is why we think it’s a good idea to keep things short and simple with just five words!

Whether you’re enjoying a night out with the girls, are cuddling with your pet or are at a fun school event, we’ve got you covered. Continue below to get a look at 16 of the best five-word Instagram captions we just know you’ll love.

For when you’re doing your own thing:

“Why follow when you can lead?”



For when you and your S.O. are hugging:

“Meet me in the afterglow.”

-“Afterglow” by Taylor Swift


For when you photograph the beautiful night sky:

“Stars need darkness to shine.”



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For when it’s your anniversary:

“You had me at ‘hello.'”

-Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire


For when you put others first:

“We rise by lifting others.”



For when you’re on vacay:

“Life is but a dream.”



For when you’re doing something adventurous:

“Stop existing and start living.”



For when your dreams are finally coming true:

“What we think, we become.”



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For when you’re loving life:

“Eat. Pray. Work. Sleep. Love.”


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For when you receive what you give:

“What goes around, comes around.”



For when you’re out of a toxic relationship:

“Long story short, I survived.”

-“Long Story Short” by Taylor Swift


For when you’re crossing something off your bucket list:

“Live like there’s no tomorrow.”



For when it’s the end of a chapter:

“All’s well that ends well.”



For when you and your siblings are closer than ever:

“There’s nothing love can’t do.”



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For when you’re about to turn eighteen:

“I’m so sick of seventeen.”

-“Brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo


For when you and your love are having a lazy night in:

“Netflix and chill with you.”



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