This Simple Little Hack Will (Temporarily) Get Rid of Your Flaky, Dry Skin

Winter brings many things our way: rain, snow, our fave holidays, cozy sweaters—and, alas, dry and flaky skin.

While we can wash our face and apply mounds of makeup, the sad reality is there really doesn't seem to be a quick fix for this facial downfall—that is, until now.

As someone who lives for facial cleansing devices, I am constantly going back and forth between my Foreo Luna Mini and my Clarisonic Mia 1. And while these are excellent tools for getting deep into your pores and exfoliating, scrubbing your face with cleanser too much can actually intensify the flakiness of your skin.

I found myself encountering this problem within the last month, and I started to think outside of the box. I thought, Instead of going overboard with the cleanser, what if I dip my cleansing device into moisturizer and then proceed to scrub as I normally would, since I liberally apply moisturizer all throughout the day anyway?

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Whad'ya know? This method actually worked! The cleansing device made it so that my regularly used moisturizer seeped into my pores, and when I took a look, my face was silky smooth. Yep, for the moment, I was feeling very Dove Cameron #skingoals!

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Now, going off of that, this is simply just a quick fix, and can last me deep into my day—but not overnight. That said, I noticed the flakiness dissipate permanently when I stopped going overboard with the exfoliating rinses.

I definitely recommend this temporary solution to flaky skin. It's painless and takes no longer than 60 seconds. Trust me, you'll forget the flakes were ever there in the first place! You just need to remember to complete the process every morning until the flakes eventually go away for good.


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