9 Organic Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers

Isn't it funny (and frustrating) when you and your bestie have essentially everything in common—yet she has significantly more followers on Instagram than you do?

What's up with that, right? I mean, you both share the same group of friends, you're both super stylish and you both have awesome hobbies and know tons of people at school.

Well, there are some factors you may not have considered that could be upping your BFF's following, while putting a dent in your own.

But use these easy guidelines below and watch your follow count go up in no time.

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1. Don't Post Too Little

When people are cleaning up their Instagram following lists, they're not going to keep around accounts that rarely update. People on social media typically want to keep the people they follow at a minimum, and bogging their lists down with people who only post once in a blue moon seems like a waste of space. Plus, rarely updating means less opportunities for people in general to come across your account. Get to updating! Show the world your incredibly awesome life.


2. Don't Post Too Much

Similarly with posting too little, posting too frequently is also a way to lose the love. Sure, you'll get greater exposure by putting yourself out there more, but people will tire of seeing you post nonstop. There are only so many times they want to see your same fitness routine or your duck-lipped selfies. Leave a little mystery and hold off on the excessive posts.


3. Post Photos That Are of Interest to the Public, Not Just to You and Your BFF

Inside jokes are one of the most fun things about close friendships, but they are called "inside" for a reason: They're meant to be just between the people involved. If you post things on your accounts that are a little too personal between just you and a small number of people, you'll turn away potential followers who may want to get to know you better.

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4. Post Universally Appealing Photos

It pretty much goes without saying that clear shots of dogs, delectable food dishes and adorable babies are foolproof ways to gather likes on social media. Whether you snagged yourself a creamy cupcake or cuddled up in bed with your pet pup, you know these are the types of photos that have proved to be universally appealing despite constant repetition, and regardless of age or sex of a user. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So if you know these are the money shots, just keep on snapping away and watch the followers pour on in.

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5. Find a Specialty and Make That Your Trademark

Love attending concerts? Have a knack for cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Take something you love that you do a lot and let the world know. People who are also fascinated by your passion will anticipate your posts, and therefore want to follow you.

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6. Post High-Quality Content

Whether it's the way you spell, the wording you use in your captions or the crispness and subject matter of your photos, you want your content to be grade-A from head-to-toe. Of course no one expects you to be on a Kylie Jenner level of social media perfection, but you will certainly not gain followers by posting blurry, poorly lit pics with not much purpose. Go to town on the filtering if need be, but if you second guess posting it, keep it off of your feed.

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7. Utilize Hashtags, But Tactfully

People who use 25 hashtags per post may be exposing their content to more viewers, but they won't necessarily be taken seriously. Select no more than five hashtags that strongly represent your post and are likely to gain the attention of fellow users. Hashtags get extra sets of eyes on your work, and when done properly, lure people onto your pages.


8. Engage With Other Users (Who Aren't Necessarily People You Know)

The beauty of Instagram is being able to connect with strangers who share your interests all over the world. Utilize those hashtags and geotags to come across awesome new people. Take time to leave them meaningful comments, raise interesting points and compliment them on their work. In addition, when you post content of your own, pose questions that will encourage people to comment. When people see a user has a lot of engagement on their posts, it encourages them to want to get to know the person better.

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9. Find Unique Ways to Tell Generic Stories

At the school football game? Instead of posting the same shot of the crowd cheering after that big win that everyone else posted, consider how to cover the moment differently. Thinking outside of the box is what will make your content especially enviable to other people.


We may be especially worried about our Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter followings today, but before the presently used apps were all the rage, THESE were the social media platforms where you wanted to rack up big numbers.