How to FINALLY Get Your Dog to Pose in a Selfie With You

If you've ever tried to snap a cute, quick selfie with your dog, only to fail miserably because they won't stand still for a pic, we know your pain.

But it's not impossible. Follow these simple tips and you'll be a few steps closer to taking that perfect photo.

Catch Them Being Themselves

Whenever you spot your pup being naturally adorable and photogenic on their own, don't miss the opportunity to hop in with them and snap a photo. If they're already in the perfect pose, capture it before it's too late.


Tire Them Out

Don't even try to take a selfie with a dog when they're bursting with energy. First, take them out for a run until they're absolutely pooped. When the time comes for you to take a photo, they'll be way less squirmy and more prone to staying still long enough for you to get your shot.


Turn Off That Flash

If your dog disliked taking photos before, they're really going to hate it after a bright light flashes right in their eyes. Turn the flash off on your camera to ensure that you don't stress them out. Plus, the flash is unflattering for human and pooch alike.

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Entice Them With Rewards

Most dogs tend to be reward-driven, so catching their eye with a toy or a treat will get them looking in a certain direction for at least a moment. Try holding their favorite plaything or snack just above the front-facing camera of your phone. They'll look at it longingly, giving you the chance to snap the perfect photo just in time. And don't forget to reward your dog with that treat or a short play sesh once you've captured your image!


Bring in Gadgets

If classic bribery doesn't work, gadgets specifically designed to help you take selfies with your dog might. Items like Pooch Selfie, Profetchional and Flexy Paw each have their own gimmicks devised to get your pup to say cheese.


Act Fast

Once you and your dog are in position, chances are they won't want to hold the pose for long. Don't mess around too much trying to find the perfect angle. Just point and snap, holding down that exposure button so you'll have tons of options. While most of them will probably be a blurry mess, it's likely that at least one or two will be to your liking.



Don't Force Anything

Always, always let your pet be if they're not having it. If they're clearly miserable, back off. You always want to make your pet happy, and no one wants to see a pic of your sweet pet looking sad on your socials. Just let them do their thing.


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