Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Has a BILLION Views: Why Girls Run the World

Happy Friday! We're back again this week with all of the biggest news about fierce women doing their thing and changing the world. This week Rihanna and Taylor Swift hit some major musical milestones, more of us learned what it is to act #LikeAGirl and Zendaya took part in a very special birthday celebration.

Rihanna is queen. Of music, that is. She recently became the first person in history to sell more than 100 million singles. If you bought 100 million copies of "Diamonds" and listened to them all, it would take you more than 713 years.

If you still think of Emma Watson as Hermione, you should start thinking of her as the Campaigner of the Year! She won the award for her work with the HeForShe campaign for gender equality.

Would you ever run 410 miles for a cause? 18-year-old Caitlin Adams crossed the state of Maryland on foot to raise money and awareness for Limbs For Life, an organization that gives prosthetic limbs to people who need them. There's no way we'd run for more than a month.

Taylor Swift joined the super exclusive billion views club this week! "Blank Space" joined "Gangnam Style," "Baby" and "Dark Horse" as one of the only videos on YouTube that's been watched more than a billion times (and we're pretty sure that at least 1000 of those views came from us).

And if that wasn't enough, Taylor also donated $50,000 to a Swiftie, named Naomi, who's been battling leukemia. She had to miss a concert, but as soon as she gets better we know she'll finally get her chance to see Taylor live!

The newest video from #LikeAGirl is all about overcoming limits and we are in love. BRB, just gonna pulverize some cardboard boxes.

Zendaya shared a panel about compassion with the Dalai Lama this week for his 80th birthday. Big deal much?

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