While this pandemic is making some musical artists put a hold on their creativity, singer-songwriter Gunnar Gehl has seen this time as an opportunity to reach out and inspire people.

That’s precisely why he launched a livestream campaign called One Second of One Day, which features performances by incredible musical artists, as well as discussions about living in the time of COVID-19, how it’s impacted mental health and how to overcome the new difficulties of the era.

He’s also been using the campaign as an opportunity to launch some truly incredible music. After last Sunday’s stream, he dropped a new track called “Lose Myself”—and it just might be our favorite Gunnar release yet.

We had to know more about One Second of One Day and the stellar new song, so we asked Gunnar all about them in the interview below.

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Sweety High: What inspired you to come up with the One Second of One Day series?

Gunnar Gehl: Since the beginning of quarantine, I have watched so many people struggle with mental health, including myself. I wanted to give people an outlet to feel like they are not alone, and to know that everyone is going through this together. I’ve also really missed performing “live” more than anything and I was tired of just sitting with my guitar, so I wanted to combine an outlet for others, as well as myself that included the live feeling.


SH: Why do you think that was something the world really needs right now?

GG: We’re all trapped alone in our own homes and confused and scared about what’s going, on and this brings everyone together, in a safe and appropriate way until life can get back to normal.


SH: What has it felt like to get others involved and inspired with the series, and to share your message with the world with their help?

GG: It’s honestly one of the best parts to get others involved. We all know what’s going on and we all just want to help each other, and the fact they want to be a part of the show, give their support and hear each other’s stories is the best.


SH: What was the inspiration behind the song “Lose Myself”? Are there any memorable moments from the songwriting process?

GG: I wrote “Lose Myself” with some of my favorite songwriters out in Palm Springs back in December 2019. That song just came together so smoothly and felt special right away. It’s about being so attached to somebody that if they weren’t there anymore you would lose a piece of yourself as well. It is just a really sweet and honest song.

One of the best parts about writing this song was when I was singing the post-chorus, I had my dog Kona over my shoulders making sure it was sounding good! When Kona approved I knew I had a good one.

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SH: What musical artists have really been inspiring you right now?

GG: I’ve been super inspired by newer artists. Seeing what everyone is doing during these times is really interesting to me. Specifically, I have been super into Tate McRae’s stuff lately. I think she has a crazy voice.


SH: What is the top advice you have for staying strong and thriving in the face of a pandemic? 

GG: The biggest thing that I have learned through quarantine is to remember everyone is going through this together. When I’m feeling upset about what is going on I just try to remember this is a situation we cannot control or be selfish in and that helps clear my head of self-doubt.

SH: What do you think sets you apart from the other musical artists out there today?

GG: I genuinely just want to help people and give people emotions while listening to my music. Writing is such an important part of music because everything I sing is important to me. I try to display that in my live shows, which are so important to me. I can’t think of a more energetic and fun place than jumping around with all of you.


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