Cute Hair Pins You NEED for Fall

Fall fashion is unmatched and by far our favorite season to dress for!

If you feel the same, we're sure you already have tons of outfits in mind, and if you're looking for a way to stand out that won't cost you tons of money, we have a perfect idea—hair pins! They're such a fun and easy way to put up your hair, not to mention they're adorable. Just keep scrolling to get a look at some hair pins you need for the fall.

Emi Jay Pin Up Sticks: $16

Emi Jay is known for their beautiful claw clips, but did you know the brand also sells adorable pin-up sticks? We're big fans of these pink ones because they're bound to make every outfit even cuter. Coming in a set of two with cute blue crystal accents, these pins will instantly transform your hair into a work of art.

(via Emi Jay)


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8 Other Reasons Crystal Bun Clip: $38

The moment we saw this bun clip from 8 Other Reasons, we just knew it belonged in our lives. Coming in a silver tone, this clip can be attached to your bun and instantly be taken to the next level. Just imagine how darling this will look draped in your hair!

(via Revolve)


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Kristin Ess French Pin Set: $10

If you're on Beauty TikTok, you might have seen these pins from Kristin Ess pop up in your feed. If not, we're about to blow you away. These bad boys can be used to keep your hair in a bun, without the help of a hair tie or scrunchie. Coming in a set of two, these pins will make your buns look ultra-chic in no time.

(via Kristin Ess)


Emi Jay Large Jelly Hair Pin: $18

Go big or go home with this oversized hairpin from Emi Jay! Available in an array of colors, this hairpin can be added to a twisted bun for ultimate style and comfort. It's practical, easy-to-use and looks so cute for any type of situation, whether you're chilling on the couch or going out on a date.

(via Emi Jay)


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annielesperance Minimalist Hair Pin: $18

Etsy never ceases to amaze us with its selection of handmade goods, and this stunning hairpin immediately caught our attention. Handcrafted from raw brass and available in two sizes, this geometric pin is unlike anything we've ever seen. It's minimalist in style and a fun way to elevate your hair.

(via Etsy)


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