Hair Resolutions for 2023

Just because we technically welcomed 2023 a few weeks ago doesn't mean it's too late to start some new resolutions (better late than never, right?), especially when it comes to your hair.

After all, your hair stuck with you through everything you did to it in 2022, and we won't even begin to touch on what you probably did to it during quarantine in the years before. So, isn't it safe to say it's time to give it a little extra love in 2023? We think so, which is why we've gone ahead and put together a list of some hair resolutions that we can all try our best to stick to in the new year.

1. Put Down the Box Dye

While the speed, availability and cost of DIY hair dye is incredibly tempting, try your hardest not to touch it in 2023. There's a reason why people pay so much to get their hair professionally dyed at a salon, and trust us when we say that it isn't just for the top-quality gossip session. If you're dying to dye your hair, find a stylist who can create the look you're going for. It may be a bit more of an investment, but your strands will thank you in the long run.


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2. Get That Trim You've Been Putting Off

While we're speaking of heading to your stylist—if it's been months (if not years) since you last got your hair trimmed, it's time to add a belated resolution to your list. While most of us know by now that "getting regular trims makes your hair grow longer" is mostly a myth, there is some amount of truth to the statement. This is because brittle, broken ends will simply continue to split and eventually break off as your hair grows, thus keeping it somewhat stunted and far from the luscious locks you're after. So get yourself in the chair of a stylist you trust and finally have them cut those ends that are begging for a breakup.


3. Turn Down the Heat

We know how easy it can be to overdo it on the heat when you're trying to get your 'do done quickly, but those high temperatures are causing way more damage than you might find worth it. Take a low and slow approach with the heat tools and use a heat protectant—it's worth it.


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4. Take a Break From the Hot Tools

On the topic of heat, it's time to give those hot tools the break they deserve. If you're the type who almost never leaves the house without styling your hair, 2023 is the year to give your natural locks a chance to shine. It will take some getting used to, which is why we recommend trying it only on days that you don't have a lot going on at first, but it's well worth it to let your hair breathe without damaging it once in a while.


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5. Switch to More Sustainable Products

These days, we're all trying to cut down on waste and do some good for the planet, but did you know that your haircare is actually a great spot to start when it comes to shopping more sustainably? While it might not be able to end climate change overnight, it will at least make you feel better about spending your money when you buy products that are a bit kinder to both your hair and the earth. Brands like Better Natured and others that you can find at your nearest Ulta do a great job of making premium products that are easy on both your wallet and your carbon footprint, so consider spending a couple of extra bucks on them next time you need to stock up.


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If you're ready to have the best year yet (at least when it comes to your hair), these five easy resolutions are just the ticket. To get yourself started, click HERE for our tips on how to find a stylist you'll love.