All You Need Is a Little Makeup to Create These Halloween Costumes

Having trouble coming up with the perfect Halloween costume?

Here are five face makeup ideas, using easy step-by-step processes to complete your chillingly awesome look.

Pop Art

Comic book characters have been around for years, but it's only recently we've started seeing the pop art makeup look. It looks cool and is very easy to do, requiring only a few products. Catch the full video tutorial HERE.

Pop art Halloween makeup tutorial

(via DIY JOY)


Scary Scarecrow

If you want to keep your costume simple (like a scarecrow for instance), you need to make sure your makeup is on point. You will need black lipstick, orange paint and black eyeliner. Click HERE for more scarecrow instructions.


Mermaid Makeup

If you're not down with the scary, be a glamorous mermaid, and consider shimmery face scales. All you need is some fishnet tights, shimmery eyeshadow of your choice and a beauty blender. Check out the tutorial HERE.

mermaid makeup

(via Jasmine Maria)


Scary NutCracker

THIS scary NutCracker is indeed freaky with the illusion of an enlarged mouth, but overall very simple to do. You will need black lipstick, maroon lip liner, and white face paint and blush and black eyeliner.

(via Craft or DIY)


Unzipped Zipper Mask

THIS last one is my personal favorite because you can make it glamorous or super scary. You'll need a zipper, eyelash glue, and anything you want to go inside the unzipped zipper. It can be glitter if you're going for a not- -so-scary look, or you can use cotton and red face paint for a gory, bloody face.



Halloween makeup can do a number on your skin, so be sure to click HERE once the holiday is over and follow these skin commandments.