Picking out the perfect Halloween costume is hard.

But it gets even harder when you have to disguise your recent injury that’s resulted in a clunky cast or crutches. I mean, who wants to throw off an accurate outfit with something like a walking boot?

Scroll below to get some costume ideas that seamlessly incorporate your bum leg or broken arm:

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is going to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2017, and your itty bitty arm cast won’t ruin your chances of looking authentic in your costume. Transform your cast into her iconic cuffs for a super powerful look.

Wonder Woman outfit

(Wonder Woman via Warner Bros.)


Raven from The 100

Now’s the perfect time to go as one of your favorite supporting characters from this hit CW show. While Raven may have injured her leg just like you, she is one of the strongest and smartest girls raised on the Arc. Pair this wardrobe with her favorite red leather jacket for a simple costume that you can find in your closet. That leg brace has never stopped her and it sure won’t stop you from getting your favorite holiday on.

Raven outfit

(The 100 via The CW)


Eddie from It

Another major Halloween costume this year will be the creepy clown from It. Be involved with this pop culture phenomenon (without any of the nightmare-inducing haunts) by dressing up as Eddie—the “Loser” gang’s endearing hypochondriac. He was the comedic relief of the movie and sent a huge message against his haters with his cast.  This idea also makes for the perfect at-school costume, as it blends in with everyday outfits.

Eddie outfit

(It via New Line Cinema)


Sushi and Chopsticks

Got crutches? Transform your crutches into giant chopsticks as you don a sushi roll wardrobe for a very punny costume. Food is always in, so make the most out of your temporary walking sticks by using them as the perfect sushi utensil.

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Spinelli from Recess

Spinelli’s giant boots are the perfect outfit accessory for hiding your current walking boot. Whether you have a fractured foot or a rolled ankle, you can hide your injury with a second equally large and in charge Spinelli style boot. Add some striped tights, a leather jacket, pigtails and a beanie to create a look that means business. No one will even notice your clunky support boot when you’re mean muggin’ just like Spinells.

Spinelli outfit

(Recess via Disney Television Animation)


Puss in Boots

Up for a look that’s a little more suave and debonair? This Puss in Boots look is the purrrrfect costume for your leg cast or walking boot. Add some fake fur to a tan bodysuit (you can find one HERE) before piling on all of these fun accessories. Don’t forget the cape! Your cute cat eyes will distract everyone from the one boot that isn’t quite like the other.

Puss in Boots outfit

(Puss in Boots via DreamWorks Animation)


Storm Trooper

Whether you have a leg cast, arm cast or body cast, this Storm Trooper costume idea is perfect for you. Mask your injury with this wardrobe that shows off your fandom all while looking really cool. Hey, Halloween was made for the dark side.

Storm Troopers outfit

(Star Wars via LucasFilm)


Dear Evan Hansen OOTD

My theater nerds out there know that Dear Evan Hansen is the Broadway show of the year. And lucky you because our main character’s wardrobe consists of a nice white cast just like yours. Scribble the name “Connor” in big letters to complete the look.


Professor Snape Post-Fluffy

Want to get real technical with your wounded Halloween costume? Go as Professor Snape circa the Sorcerer’s Stone. There’s that moment after the whole troll in the dungeon debacle when Harry notices a gash on Snape’s leg, which was later determined to be an injury at the hand (or, well, mouth) of Fluffy, the three-headed dog. However you got your leg injury, turn it into a wizarding-related wound with this wardrobe that is fun and functional. Ugh, Snape was so misunderstood.

Professor Snape

(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone via Warner Bros.)


Swing Set

Ohhh, the glory of a witty costume. Get your swing on with your crutches by crafting a makeshift swing set with a little rope and cardboard. If you want to take the joke up a notch, create a “baby” bucket swing that fits around your waist so you actually look like you’re swinging every time you take a step. Don overalls and a bonnet and you’ve got yourself a solid swing set get-up.

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✨Swinging in the sunshine!!! ???? ????

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Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

If you’re feeling really fancy, bronze yourself this year with a monochrome wardrobe as live-action Lumiere. Turn your crutches into candelabra arms with the candles and flames at the top of your crutches. When you pose for pictures you can lift up your bars to show off the glory of your candlestick detailing. Don’t forget to attach one to your head!

Lumiere outfit

(Beauty and the Beast via Walt Disney Pictures)


Rey from Star Wars

If you love this Star Wars heroine, you have to wrap up your wrist or arm cast to mimic Rey’s wardrobe. Alternatively, you can get your glow on and turn your cast into a lightsaber with a little neon paint. We’re really liking this costume idea for you and your cast.

Rey outfit

(Star Wars: The Force Awakens via LucasFilm)



Got a big leg cast that’s really harshing your mellow? Transform it into some crime-fighting boots like the one’s Supergirl sports with her super suit. You can even get crafty with this costume by splitting your outfit down the center—on your injured side, you mask your bum leg as Supergirl, and on the other you wear a very Kara Danvers OOTD. Don’t forget to let your long locks down on the Supergirl side, and conversely, tie the Kara side up in a ponytail or bun.

Supergirl outfit

(Supergirl via The CW)


“The Cast Of…”

And one last punny costume for the books. If you’re looking to go really low key with your outfit this year because dressing up isn’t really your thing, scribble the names of actors from your favorite TV show onto your cast. You get to tell people that you’re, “The cast of Riverdale” by holding up your arm or leg and showing off your wit. Alternatively, draw the characters or paste pictures of them to your cast. This will be sure to get a chuckle out of everyone.

Riverdale cast

(Riverdale via The CW)


Now that you have your perfect Halloween costume, click HERE for some frighteningly good IG captions to accompany all of your Halloween posts.