Who Says That You Have to Carve Pumpkins for Halloween?

Feeling obligated to decorate a pumpkin this Halloween?

Don't worry—there's an alternative. If pumpkin-carving just isn't your thing, these other fruits and veggies are just as willing to be converted into o' lanterns.


Bell Pepper

This pumpkin lookalike is actually a little orange bell pepper.

Hollowing out a bell pepper is a snap, but because they aren't as sturdy (or big) as pumpkins, keep your design super simple if you decide to carve one.

Bell pepper pumpkin jack o lantern



It's up to you if you want to core your apple o' lantern. If you'd like, you can just break the skin and peel it away to create your design. Of course, if you do core the apple and shine a light inside, it can look even cooler.

But be warned—your apple carving won't last long, so put work on it the night of Halloween if you want to put it on display for the other trick-or-treaters.
Snow White carved apple Halloween



If you want to carve a more traditional jack o' lantern in a unique new way, try a watermelon.

Start by cutting off the top and scooping out the fruit into bowls for later enjoyment, or snacking while you carve. Once that's done, get carving.
Pikachu carved watermelon for Halloween

Best of all, you don't have to cut all the way into the watermelon to see your light shine through. We think this Pikachu stencil turned out pretty well, even on a watermelon.

Lit up Pikachu carved Halloween watermelon


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