What Do Your Notebook Doodles Say About You?

Picture this: You're sitting in a classroom with a slew of other kids, a teacher who is trying to teach a not-so-thrilling math lesson and a pen and piece of paper are in front of you.

Your mind is somewhere faraway, so you pick up your pen and begin to squiggle. You've entered the wonderful world of doodling.

What Your Doodles Say About You

Sound familiar? Doodling is a mindless activity that nearly everyone is guilty of. It's fun and totally therapeutic, but did you know that what you are scribbling in the corner of your spiral notebook can actually reveal a deep truth about who you are?

Treyce Montoya, a handwriting expert, shared her booklet All About Doodles with us, which breaks down our unconscious creations. Flip through a former school notebook and find your most common doodles, and then scroll below to identify what Treyce says these images reveal about you!


Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes artwork

If your notebook is packed with several types of geometrical shapes, you have an organized brain and are all about making plans that are both purposeful and efficient. If you only draw squares you are on the search for structure in your life, and if you only draw triangles you are aggressive, determined and willing to do whatever to achieve your goals. Who knew simple shapes had so much meaning?!


Stars and Moon

Stars and moon artwork

Celestial bodies indicate confidence and optimism⭐️! If you often draw the sun it means you most likely have a child-like readiness and are a free spirit. If you often fill your lined paper with stars you are ambitions and success driven. You have insane drive, which is so honorable. If clouds are your thing, you're feeling a little trapped and need to try something new.


Abstract Shapes

Abstract shapes artwork

No need to freak, but if you often draw shapes that are not easily recognized, it may mean you have some sort of inner stress that is hindering your ability to really focus. If you're stressed, no worries, take a breather and try out one of THESE calm-inducing apps.



Tic-Tac-Toe artwork

If you often doodle games like tic-tac-toe, chess or checkers, you are—no surprise here—probs a competitive person. You play to win! If you're doodling games like Hangman, you might be at a point in your life where you feel lost or unsure of what to do. You're a planner, you will figure things out!



Faces artwork

There are several things that a face can reveal about you. If you love to draw self-portraits, you're imagining what you look like in an ideal world ????!  If you draw a random face or smiley, you most likely have a shy personality. And, if you draw comic faces, you really want to be the center of attention. Interesting.



Eyes artwork

Did you know that eyes are most commonly drawn by artists and can signify artistic frustration? So, congrats, if this is what you're doodling, because that means you are artistically inclined! You are intrigued by beautiful things and you love to express yourself through any form of the craft. Bravo. ????????




You have a strong desire to thrive in your personal or academic life. If your ladder is straight up and firm, you feel confident in your journey, but if it's a tilted ladder, you may feel a bit more uncertain. If your ladder is against a wall, you see that there may be obstacles ahead, but you know you definitely can overcome them. You've got this, girl!




If you're prone to filling your pages up with flowers or floral designs, you have a mellow personality and a strong love for nature. You are super friendly and totally sociable. Your friends and family appreciate your ability to be accepting and open at all times and at all costs.



Puppies artwork

You're protective, defensive and sensitive by nature—nothing wrong with that! You're always looking for ways to help others out, and it doesn't go unnoticed. Basically, you're a total sweetheart. ????



Stairs artwork

The one word that perfectly describes you is ambitious. You're always looking to advance your skills, and you don't settle. What a go-getter!


Spider Webs

Spiderwebs artwork

You have a strong longing for friends, money or social status if you're doodling spider webs. You currently feel trapped and want to move around and make some changes so your mind can be at ease. You'll figure it out!



Tornadoes artwork

If you often draw tornados, something is holding you back. You are scared of the unfamiliar and you prefer not to take risks. C'mon we believe in you, and you should believe in you, too!



Food artwork

You are a foodie. You like to eat. Who cares if you're thinking about food 99.9% of the time—we're right there with you!


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