You Need to Know About Heat Healer's Sauna Blanket

If you know anything about saunas, you know they bestow tons of health benefits.

From helping with detoxing to sweating, burning calories and even relieving soreness, regularly hitting the sauna is so good for you—but not all of us have access to a sauna, and if you do have access, it takes time and effort to make it there.

I was in the same boat and found myself hardly hitting up the sauna, even though I wanted all of the benefits it offered. So, when the team behind Heat Healer reached out and asked if I'd be interested in testing out their at-home Sauna Blanket, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Continue below to learn all about the Heat Healer and my experience with the Sauna Blanket.

The Brand

Heat Healer is an Australia-based brand that started back in 2019 with the goal of providing the world with heat therapy and wellness products. From great designs to even better craftsmanship, Heat Healer is a brand that takes healthy living very seriously.

heat healer sauna blanket

(via Heat Healer)


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The Experience

Sauna Blanket: $568 (currently on sale for $454.40!)

The first thing you'll probably notice (like I did) about the Sauna Blanket is its high price—but hear me out! Once you learn about everything that goes into it, I promise it will make sense. While this is absolutely a high-ticket item, I truly believe you can't put a price on your health. If I'm going to spend money on anything, it's myself!

Back to the Sauna Blanket—it comes prepared in a portable travel bag so that you can bring it with you anywhere. Though I'll be honest, in the few months I've had it, it's never left my house! In addition to the blanket itself and the travel bag, there is also a handheld controller as well as a waterproof head pillow.

The Sauna Blanket uses technology with EMF-blocking capabilities, as well as carbon fiber heating elements. If you're anything like me, you're probably also wondering what's in the blanket itself. Before I went through my first session, I wanted to know what I was putting my body into, and it's actually super interesting.

heat healer sauna blanket

(via Heat Healer)

The Heat Blanket is made with 96 jade and tourmaline stones, as well as certified toxin-free materials. But what is the point of these stones? Essentially, when heated up, they emit negative ions naturally, which also happens at places like the beach and waterfalls (aka, super relaxing environments).


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Now, onto my experience with using the heat healer! The first time I used it, I set it up in my living room on a flat surface, closed the blinds, played an e-book and lit a candle. I wanted to get the mood just right. Then, I opened it up, placed a towel on top of the stones, closed the blanket, then got to pre-heating.

For this step, I made sure the controller was plugged into the blanket, turned it on, and set it to my desired heat (I started with the recommended temp, which is 70° C). After 15 minutes of allowing the blanket to heat up, I got right on in!

heat healer sauna blanket

(via Heat Healer)


Another thing I'd like to note is what I was wearing inside of the sauna blanket. The brand recommends wearing cotton clothing from top to bottom, including socks, so that's exactly what I did. With a water bottle and towel at the ready next to me, I got inside of the blanket and let it do its glorious work.


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Leaving my head out at the top and my arms inside, I was basically fully immersed. I started to sweat pretty much right away and could practically feel the toxins leaving my body. Once my session was up, I unplugged the blanket, let it cool back down and cleaned it off with a multi-purpose cleaning solution. It was that easy!

heat healer sauna blanket

(via Heat Healer)


Bottom Line

My experience with Heat Healer's Sauna Blanket has been absolutely amazing. I use it multiple times a week and have found its effects to be calming. In addition to burning calories and sweating out toxins, I've found it's put my mind at ease and has been a great way to "get away."


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