These Instagram Captions Are Perfect for When You're in a Helicopter

If you're lucky enough to fly in a helicopter at some point in your life, we are majorly jealous.

It's an amazing opportunity and one we're sure you want to share with all of your friends! If you have a photo in a helicopter, you should definitely use one of these Instagram captions to show it off.

For when the headset you have to wear barely keeps out the noise:

"This was a lot louder than I was expecting."


For when you loved your heli ride:

"My preferred method of transportation is a helicopter."


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For when you're looking cute in your new ride:

"Feeling bad and boujee in this helicopter."


For when the view is incredible:

"I could get used to this view."


For when you're up high in the sky:

"Flying high."

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For when you're going on an adventure:

"Up, up and away!"



For when you're enjoying your helicopter ride:

"Living on the edge."


For when you and your besties are going on a ride:

"Let's go for a chopper ride."


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For when you're in the clouds:

"Flying through the clouds."


For when you're having an amazing day:

"Nothing beats this feeling."


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