9 Things That Are So Not True About Being a High School Freshman

Starting high school can be totally nerve-racking and scary. Will you create new friendships? Make the sports team? Get good teachers?

On top of that, there are tons of misconceptions about being a freshman in high school that can make the process even more intimidating, thanks to movies and TV shows.

Below, we're debunking the nine most common myths that are not so true about being a freshman.

1. Older Classmen Like to pick on Freshmen

The classic high school movie story… group of freshmen eagerly get to high school only to be greeted by evil older classmen that taunt them, harass them, shove them in lockers and stick their heads in toilets or throw them into garbage cans! Being fearful and nervous around juniors and seniors is totally normal, especially when you're a first semester freshman, but don't let the movies and rumors scare you.

Sure, bullies do exist (and make sure if you encounter one, you let a parent or teacher know asap!), but for the most part older classmen are just like you. Would you throw someone into a trash can? No. Don't stress, the older kids are going to be totally fine and you might even befriend or date a few.


2. You Have to Be in a Relationship to Be Cool

Many girls stress not having a boyfriend when they get to high school. The whole point of being a freshman is literally being fresh—you're embarking on a whole new journey, and it's probably better for you and your growth if you start the school year off single and focus on yourself.


3. You Get to Take Courses You Want to Take

Let's talk about this. In middle school, you aren't able to choose which classes you take (with the exception of some extracurriculars and electives). In high school, you sort of get to select your courses, but you do have to follow a general rule of which classes you have to enroll in, (i.e. you can't load up your day with cooking, pottery, and art history). What you have the most control over are things including enrolling in zero period, trying out for a school sport, becoming involved in student body, and which subject you want to fast track. For example, science nerds can utilize summer school to squeeze in an entire course over summer, advancing them the next school year.

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4. All Popular Girls Are Mean

Popular girls can be mean, but they can also be really nice. Many girls are popular because they are good, funny, intelligent people, which it turn makes a bunch of others want to befriend them—not because they have rich parents, amazing clothes and are dating the football star (though there are a few of those who do exist).


5. High School Is Going to Be the Best Time of your Life

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about high school is that it's going to be the best time of their life. You have a lot of life to live well beyond high school, and each new chapter holds exciting new experiences. High school is sure to be fun, no doubt, but don't focus too heavily on making it the time of your life. Some love high school, others hate it—either way, don't stress because life doesn't go downhill once you graduate.


6. Joining a School Club Is Lame

Clubs can be a great way to connect with other like-minded students who have the same interests as you. The organized groups that take their clubs seriously are the best ones to join, so do your research so you get the most out of it.


7. You're a Loser If You Don't Go to the  Major School Dances

There's a lot of pressure around the bigger school dances like prom and homecoming. Historically, prom is reserved for the upperclassmen, and freshmen and sophomores can only attend if asked by a junior or senior. This can be super stressful, especially if your friends are getting asked and you want to go. Just know that prom isn't the pinnacle of high school and you'll totally get your chance to go when you're an upperclassman, too! But also, there are plenty of students who opt not to go, and we can tell you firsthand that years later, you're not going to look back with regret.

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8. People Will Judge Your Outfits

Unless your campaigning four years early for "Best Dressed" in the high school yearbook, no one is going to pay much attention to what you wear unless you make it a thing. Jeans, hoodies, cute tees and sneaks… anything really goes!


9. Cliques Are Everywhere

Sure, cliques exist, but given how many people you're in school with, there's really a group for everyone. Luckily, high school tends to be much less cliquey then the movies paint them to be. Clique or not, you'll most likely end up with a wide network of friends that all interact with each other.

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