Here's Our Definitive Ranking of the 9 Most Painful High School Rejections

We can't promise you much, but we can say this: Everyone will relate to the list below in some way or another.

Yep, it's our definitive ranking of nine most painful high school rejections. Why? Well, because we've all been there.


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It doesn't matter if you're the most popular girl in school or if you feel like an outcast, you've been rejected at some point. And because not all rejections are the same, we're here to rank them for you in order of the heart's ability to brush it under the rug, all the way to a lasting, direct stab to the heart.

Keep reading to find out where your most painful high school rejection ranks.

9. Not Being Voted Onto ASB

Getting up in front of your entire grade and campaigning for a spot on the school board takes a lot of guts, and when you put yourself out there like that, you can only hope your vulnerability has reward. But when it comes to Associated Student Body, there are only about eight spots available, and 35 people applying. So when you only have an approximate 1/4 chance of getting accepted, it's a lesser blow knowing there are a few dozen classmates getting rejected as well.


8. Being Excluded From a Night Out With Your Friend Group

Ah, the joy of going on social media, only to see your two besties hanging out without you. Ugh, it's super annoying, but we've all been there, and we've realized that everyone has different reasons for hanging out. And, also, you've probably hung out with one close friend and not the other at some point, right? Not every hang has to be a group one.

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7. Not Making the Cheer Squad / Sports Team

If you're an especially big fan of a particular sport or you've been practicing your toe-touches all summer long, it may seem like a major diss to be denied from the (literal) squad or athletic team, but going off of No. 9, there are only so many spots available—and you get second chances! Yeah, it's kind of annoying, but whatever. Practice like a pro and make the team next year.


6. Being Dumped Unexpectedly

Things were going great… or so you thought. Being broken up with out of the blue not only hurts, but it's a big blow to the ego. Wait, what did you do wrong? And did you just break up with me? Ugh. But hey, at least you and your brand-new ex were a thing and everyone knows it. So, yeah, it's kind of insulting, but you two will forever have an association with one another.

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5. Having Unrequited Feelings for Your Best Friend

You spend all your time with this person, you tell them everything, and they're the only person who can get you out of a funk—so, when you develop unreciprocated romantic feelings for them, it's a huge shot to the heart. Your mind goes into a tailspin, wondering what could possibly be wrong with you for them to not like you back.

Well, there's no denying that this hurts, and you're absolutely justified in feeling this way—but seek some satisfaction in knowing they care about you in a way they don't care about everyone else. Sure, it's not in the way you care about them, but at least you know they will be there for you when you need them most.


4. Watching Your Unrequited Crush Flirt With Your Friend

Okay, it's hard enough liking someone who doesn't like you back, but seeing that person flirt with or date one of your friends? Next level. This is their unspoken way of telling you they're single and looking—just not looking for you.

While this is incredibly hard to deal with, maybe take it as a cue to shift your interest in someone else's direction. Or, hey, even use it as a way to better yourself. You should never compare yourself to anyone, but it doesn't hurt to let the positive qualities or ambitions in other people inspire you. Does the friend who your crush likes have an incredibly positive attitude? Do they take really good care of themself? It's not that you need to aspire to be them, but it certainly doesn't hurt to pick up on their healthy habits.


3. Being Turned Down to a School Dance

Well, you put yourself out there, so that's good. Being turned down? Not so good. Real talk: If someone's going to turn down one measly night with you after you had the guts to ask them out, you don't want them anyway!

Yeah, yeah, that's not the answer you were looking for and we get it—prob won't make us feel better either. But, seriously, this person is a jerk. And guess what? You feel especially dissed right now, but a jerk to one is a jerk to all. You're not the only person they're going to hurt—promise.


2. Being Left Out of a Good Friend's Birthday Invite or Big Life Event

Consider this the most head-scratching moment on this list. Not only are you hurt, but you're also dumbfounded. Like, seriously, why? Not only is it weird because you guys have mutual friends who were invited, but you're obviously going to see this "friend" around, so how are you supposed to handle this unexpected diss?

You have two options: You either ignore it, move on and treat this person like an acquaintance or you ask them straight-up why they didn't invite you. It may be awkward for you, but we can assure you it'll be way more uncomfortable for them!


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1. Not Having Anyone to Sit With at Lunch

It may (no, it definitely does) feel like the end of the world to wander around campus lonesome during peak hours. But we can tell you this: It won't matter after high school. No, seriously, it won't. Once you go off to college and onwards, you'll be surprised at how many encounters you'll have with people who felt like on-campus outcasts.

Just because you don't thrive in high school doesn't mean you won't be a big deal later on. Right now, you're stuck with a bunch of lame people who you don't click with. Moving forward, you'll get to weed out who you actually want in your surroundings. And not that this is supposed to make things better, but Demi Lovato, Rihanna and a ton of other A-listers have openly spoken about not fitting in, in their younger days. Use this alone time as an opportunity to develop your identity. And be that cool chick who doesn't need to be seen with others. Heck, make people curious about you. No lie, these people won't matter in a couple of years.


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