14 Incredible Home Items to Spice Up Your Space This Spring

While the official start of spring may not arrive for a couple of weeks, we're already in full spring cleaning mode, and as we clear our spaces of the old things that no longer serve us, we're making all kinds of room for great new home goodies that will.

If your spaces could also use a reset, look no further, because we've been testing out all kinds of products for better organization and a happier, healthier environment. Just keep scrolling to discover all of our recent faves.

Hotel Collection 24K Magic Room Spray: $22.52

There's nothing that ties your entire home together like an invigorating scent, and at the moment, we're living for Hotel Collection's 24K Magic Room Spray. With a scent inspired by W Hotels, this fragrance is bright and uplifting, blending sharp citrus with floral jasmine and lily mid notes and a woodsy base for an unmatched sense of energized focus. It'll make you feel like you're on a relaxing vacay even when you're just chilling at home.

Hotel Collection 24K Magic Room Spray

(via Hotel Collection)


LensDirect Five Frame Travel Case: $16.99

If you're a glasses-wearer like us and find yourself juggling stacks of mismatched glasses cases, it's time to invest in a Five Frame Travel Case like this one from LensDirect. While it's made to keep up to five pairs of glasses safe during travel, we also love it as a sleek and compact storage case, making it so that our next favorite frames or a pair of sunnies is just an arm's length away.

LensDirect Five Frame Travel Case

(via LensDirect)


Papaya Reusable Paper Towels: $36

Paper towels may be convenient for cleaning up messy spills, but they're not the most eco-friendly option, and they're not particularly cute, either. Enter Papaya and their Reusable Paper Towels, printed with adorable designs and created so that a single sheet can replace 17 paper towel rolls—not sheets. They stiffen when dry to give them a crisp look, but soften when wet to clean up 20 times more liquid than traditional paper towels. They also come with cute hooks for hanging, and when they eventually do get worn out, they're 100% compostable.

Papaya Reusable Paper Towels

(via Papaya Reusables)


Kuppy Drying Rack: $38

We go through a lot of water bottles and tumblers over the course of a week, and the Kuppy Drying Rack has become quickly our favorite way to dry them after every wash. These racks come in a uniquely shaped silicone shape that makes it so that the lip of your bottles never has to touch the counter or a dish mat. They also hold the bottle upright and allow for perfect air drying, without trapping bad smells and bacteria, making the whole process effortless.

Kuppy Drying Rack

(via Kuppy)


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Cribsi Eva Solo Toolbox Organizer & Utensil Caddy: $69.96

When it comes to kitchen storage, the simpler the solution, the better, and this Cribsi Eva Solo Toolbox Organizer & Utensil Caddy will stylishly keep your favorite long utensils in one handy place. We love the minimalistic design and the wooden handle that makes it easy to carry around when needed, and it looks great on pretty much any shelf or counter. It's also available in both black and white options to suit different aesthetics.

Cribsi Eva Solo Toolbox Organizer & Utensil Caddy

(via Cribsi)


W&P Ice Box: $25

We had no idea how much better ice cube trays could be before we were introduced to W&P's Ice Box. With a plastic box and silicone tray doubling as a lid, it's small but mighty, with space for storing up to 96 ice cubes. We love that the tray also has its own lid, keeping lingering odors and tastes from the freezer out of our ice, and when your first 32 perfectly sized cubes have frozen, you can dump them into the box, refill the tray and freeze more, so you always have cubes handy.

W&P Ice Box

(via W&P)


Saki Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle: $90

If all your electric kettle does is boil water, it's time to replace it with a smarter, more powerful option in the form of the Saki Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle. Not only is it stunning and stylish enough for any countertop, but in addition to being able to boil water, it also comes programmed with the ideal temperature settings for five different types of tea, as well as French press coffee, to brew the perfect cup every time. It has a live temperature display so you always know what's going on with your water (you can even pick a specific water temperature, if you're particular about it), and sound options you can turn on or off depending on your needs.

Saki Luna Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle

(via Saki)


Tiered Tray Decor Box: $50

Tiered trays make great centerpieces and room decorations any time of year, and the Tiered Tray Decor Box is a monthly subscription service that allows you to keep up with the times and decorate accordingly for every season. The boxes come with everything you need for decorating except the tray, with faux floral selections and signage in every box, along with complementary items to go with the months and its holidays. We recently received an Easter box complete with leafy bundles, a cute bunny standup and decorative wooden eggs, and it's getting us right in the spring mood.

Tiered Tray Decor Box

(via Tiered Tray Decor)


Onsen Waffle Bath Towel: $50

Never have we ever encountered towels quite like Onsen's Waffle Bath Towels. They're thin and light without sacrificing absorbency, soft without the bulk and fluff and they take no time at all to dry. They also come in some great, bold colors, making them our all-time favorites—and after lots of washes, they haven't lost any of their oomph.

Onsen Waffle Bath Towel

(via Onsen Towel)


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Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier: $59.95

We're more than ready to put dry, winter skin behind us, and few things help quite like this Wireless Facial Humidifier from Hey Dewy. It's wireless and rechargeable, allowing you to take it literally anywhere to add moisture to the air to keep skin hydrated. On a four-hour charge, it can mist a space for up to eight hours, and its great design and cute colors mean you can leave it on the counter without ruining the feel of your space.

Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier

(via Hey Dewy)


Carry It Well Black Floral Garment Bag for Ladies: $45

Garment bags are essential for keeping your most beloved dresses in pristine condition and protected from the elements, and Carry It Well's options are both stylish and roomy. This zip-up Black Floral Garment Bag has a colorful, eye-catching look while being long enough for dresses and with enough space to hold four or five garments, so it's great for storage as well as moving things around.

Carry It Well Black Floral Garment Bag for Ladies

(via Carry It Well)


FLYBIRD Multi-Function Roman Chair: $138.88

If you're like us and basically hibernated through the winter, spring is the perfect time to work some activity back into your routine, and this Multi-Function Roman Chair will make that process simpler than ever. It's designed for versatility as well as function, with three seat positions, three foot support positions, six head support positions and six headrest positions for sit-ups to side bends, lifting, arm rows and everything in between. And yes, it'very comfy for resting during your well-deserved breaks.

FLYBIRD Multi- Function Roman Chair



Ivy Cove Point Dume Hanging Planter: $68

A touch of greenery breathes life into any space, which is why we're such huge fans of this Point Dume Hanging Planter from Ivy Cove. The design is simple, consisting of brown leather straps and a round medallion to steady the pot of your choice, but it's that minimalism that makes it great for any room, allowing the natural beauty of the plant to be the main focus.

Ivy Cove Point Dume Hanging Planter

(via Ivy Cove)


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Solight QWNN Solar Lantern + Phone Charging Power Bank: $110

Why settle for any old light when you can get a lantern that simply does more? This Solight QWNN Solar Lantern + Phone Charging Power Bank features large solar panels, converting the sun's natural light into power to both provide light and work as a power bank. The light it creates can be adjusted from soothing and ambient for nighttime reading to powerfully bright to help deal with power outages, and its USB charging port stores enough energy to fully charge a phone twice or provide up to 48 hours of continuous light. Its use of solar power also makes it eco-friendly, and with its light-diffusing sailcloth material and a shape that folds flat before expanding into different shapes like origami, it's unlike any other light we've seen.

Solight QWNN Solar Lantern + Phone Charging Power Bank

(via Solight-Design)


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