Can't Find Sriracha Thanks to the Shortage? Try These Hot Sauces

If you've noticed it's been impossible to get a bottle of Huy Fong Foods's classic sriracha hot sauce, you're not alone.

The company, known for the famous rooster on the bottle, is at the center of a sriracha shortage—the result of megadroughts in Mexico and California, which are affecting the quality of a key ingredient, red japaneños. New orders of the sauce are suspended until September, so if you're like us and need your fix, here are some tasty (in-stock) alternatives to look into to spice up all of your favorite foods. Who knows—you may even find a new favorite hot sauce.

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. Scorpion: $9.21

This sauce may not replicate the exact flavor of the sriracha you're used to, but with a blend of heat, vinegary boldness and a hint of sweetness, it's a delicious alternative that's perfectly balanced for adding to pretty much anything you love to pile sriracha onto. It was even featured on Hot Ones, so you know it's the real deal.

Heartbeat hot sauce co scorpion

(via Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co.)


Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha: $10.99

Just because you can't get the rooster sriracha anymore doesn't mean that other brands don't have the signature sauce in stock! Weak Knees takes the iconic sriracha sauce and adds gochujang, a Korean fermented chili paste that's rich in flavor and undeniably tasty. We firmly believe its sweet heat will convert many sriracha fans. weak knees gochujang sriracha

(via Weak Knees)


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Sticker Mule Mule Sauce: $8+

Sticker Mule's Mule Sauce is everything you could want from a classic American hot sauce. It combines scotch bonnet and ghost peppers for a heat that's one-of-a-kind, but the kind of sweetness you might be missing if you can't get your hands on sriracha.

sticker mule mule sauce

(via Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co.)


Kitchen Garden Farm Ghost Pepper Sriracha: $12

If you've always wished sriracha had an extra kick, you have to try Kitchen Garden Farm's Ghost Pepper Sriracha. This will be one of the best sriracha sauces you'll ever taste, but it's dialed way up in the heat department. Kitchen Garden Farm's classic Sriracha Chili Sauce is currently sold out (we're guessing because everyone's been buying it in droves thanks to the shortage), but if you're open to something bolder, this ghost pepper-powered sauce will do the trick nicely.

kitchen garden farms ghost pepper sriracha

(via Kitchen Garden Farm)


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Hot N Saucy Black Garlic N Peri Peri: $10

Looking to try something new while you don't have access to your favorite sriracha? We recommend Hot N Saucy's Black Garlic N Peri Peri hot sauce, boasting rich umami flavor from the black garlic and loads of heat from the West African peri peri peppers. It's unlike anything you've had before, in the case that a direct sriracha substitute just won't do.

hot n saucy black garlic n peri peri

(via Hot N Saucy)


Char Man Sriracha: $8

Won't settle for sriracha without a rooster on the bottle? Char Man has you covered with their unique take on the sauce, made in Ojai, California with locally sourced ingredients. It's everything you love about sriracha—but better—and we highly recommend getting your hands on some.

char man sriracha

(via Char Man)


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