All the Best Foods and Drinks We Tried in June 2022

Food is life, so why settle for anything less than the best?

We can all settle into habits when it comes to what we eat, and trying new and unfamiliar snacks, drinks and more can set you up for disappointment while also wasting money—but it can also have great rewards.

But why go through the trouble when we're willing to do it for you? Here at Sweety High, we get to try all of the latest and greatest new food brands, and taste test them so we can share the very best with you. If you want to know what we loved in June, keep scrolling to discover our favorites.

Mark T. Wendell Tea Co.

If you love iced tea, you have to get your hands on Mark T. Wendell Tea Co.'s brews, selected specifically for the very best flavor when chilled. They combine a mixture of the very best teas to produce a clear, rich and flavorful taste that doesn't lose any impact once it's poured over ice, and we adore both their black and green iced tea varieties. Our favorite, though, has to be the Tropicana Iced Tea Blend, which features the most vibrant, summery fruit flavors and tastes so good with honey mixed in.

Mark T. Wendell Tea Company Peach iced tea

(via Mark T. Wendell Tea Co.)


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Spero Foods

If you're not yet sold on plant-based cheese, Spero Foods just might be the brand to change your mind. Their "cheeses" are made with sunflower seeds and are designed to taste great (without costing a ton), while also having a reduced impact on the environment. Their creamy, almost whipped texture makes them great for spreading, mixing or dolloping onto your favorite foods, and our faves have to be the cream cheese spreads—which go on more easily than typical cream cheese, while tasting just as good. Plus, the herb flavor might become your new favorite dip for chips.

spero sunflower cheese options

(via Spero Foods)



Looking for a tasty protein bar that just does more? These plant-based ones from Mezcla boast 10 grams of protein per bar thanks to pea protein crisps, giving them the crunch and flavor of a crisp rice treat while still helping you perform at your peak. These sweet flavors are also to die for, with the Mexican Hot Chocolate, Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter and Japanese Matcha Vanilla flavors all tasting like crispier versions of your favorite chocolatey granola bars.

Mezcla plant-powered protein bars

(via Mezcla)



Bored of your traditional fruity sparkling waters? Glish offers something new and deliciously exciting with its ginger-infused sparkling beverages. They're all-natural, vegan and low-calorie while including ginger for their powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as their bold and refreshing taste. Coming in Chai-Spice Ginger, Yuzu Ginger and Mango Ginger flavors, these drinks are tart and hydrating, making them perfect for summertime. The Chai-Space Ginger has to be our favorite, because its flavors are unlike anything else we've had in a sparkling drink.

Glish sparkling beverages

(via Glish)


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When we first heard of Buttermints, we thought they were simply classic pillow mints with an extra buttery texture, but we couldn't have been more wrong. These naturally sweetened morsels are primarily made from evaporated cane juice and butter, resulting in a sweet with a crumbly yet smooth satisfying texture and full, silky flavors. That may sound weird, but we've tried flavors from Patriotic Peppermint to Grapefruit, Cinnamon Cheesecake and Orange Cream, and each one is just as delicious as the last.

Assortment of buttermints

(via Buttermints)


Vevan Snax

While vegan cheeses can sometimes be hit-or-miss, Vevan has the game all figured out. They specialize in plant-based cheeses you'd easily mistake for the real thing, with a heavy focus on meltiness, as well as creaminess, texture, and, of course, flavor. Vegan Snax is an amazing offering from the brand, pairing their fine plant cheeses with nuts and dried fruits for satisfying and portable snack packs. Both the P'Jack Cubes with dried cranberries and smoky almonds and the Lemon Poppyseed Mozza Cubes with dried blueberries and roasted and salted cashews are just the thing for a pick-me-up at any time of day.

Vevan Snax

(via Vevan)


Holy Perogy!

If you're not already in love with perogies, Holy Perogy is the perfect tasty introduction to this classic European delight. They're a special kind of boiled dumpling, with these tasty offerings being something like a ravioli stuffed with rich mashed potatoes. The frozen treats come in lots of awesome flavors, including Kickin' Jalapeño, Fully Loaded Potato, Sizzlin' Fried Onion and So! So Cheezy. Just boil for five minutes for delicious, soft perogies—or pan fry them once boiled for a crispy experience. We also love pairing them with Spero cream cheese as an alternative to sour cream.

Holy Perogy packaging all flavors

(via Holy Perogy!)



If oat milk is your plant-based milk of choice, you need to get your hands on Willa's Oat M!lk. It's the only oat milk brand to use the entire oat, and the resulting milk is so smooth and rich, while also being packed with prebiotic fiber and protein. The result is some of the creamiest, tastiest coffees—and they even have a dark chocolate flavor for mochas, and a barista blend to take your latte game to the next level. We also love that it's shelf-stable and doesn't have to be refrigerated until you open it up, meaning it doesn't take up that valuable fridge space until you need it to, and it's less likely to go to waste.

Willa's oat milk

(via Willa's)



SkinTē isn't just a unique and tasty sparkling tea—it's also absolutely packed with collagen peptides. Each can contains 3000 mg of collagen from grass-fed cows, which has awesome benefits for your skin, hair and nails, as well as gut health and mood. That may sound slightly weird, but these are some really delicious green and white teas, with the White Tea Ginger flavor being our favorite.

SkinTē variety pack

(via SkinTē)



Ghost is a lifestyle sports nutrition brand that makes supplements for active people, from muscle-builders and pre-workout formulas to protein and more. They recently dropped Hydration Sticks with Sour Punch Kids flavors, and they truly make your cup of water taste like liquid Sour Patch Kids. Not only did they pick the best Sour Patch flavors—Blue Raspberry and Red Berry—but these sticks offer enhanced hydration in a vegan formula free of soy, gluten and sugar. They contain taurine, electrolytes, potassium, magnesium and sodium citrate, as well as vitamin C, multivitamin supplement Aquamin and muscle-energizing Senactiv. Just add to water, mix and enjoy one of the tastiest drinks you'll ever get your hands on while restoring much-needed hydration.

Ghost hydration powder

(via Ghost)


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Naked Juice

There's a good reason Naked Juice is a staple in the refrigerated juice section at grocery stores all around the country. Their juice blends are made from 100% fruits and veggies, with no added sugar or preservatives, offering drinks that are both flavorful and functional because they're full of so much good stuff. We especially love their "Machine" line of drinks for the nutrients they pack, but they also have tasty new protein drinks with at least 30 grams of protein in each bottle to help you recover from strenuous activity without losing out on delicious fruit flavors.

Naked juice variety pack

(via Naked Juice)


So Good So You

So Good So You makes delicious cold-pressed juice shots that are packed with probiotics, as well as all kinds of vitamins and minerals, for various health benefits. These organic, plant-based shots are all delicious, with blends for Energy, Immunity, Beauty, Detox, Sleep and more. Their latest function is the Happy shot, flavored with pineapple, blood orange and guava for an unbeatable tropical taste that makes you happy all by itself, but that also includes ashwagandha and saffron, giving it additional adaptogenic benefits for a mood-boosting effect.

So Good So You health shots

(via So Good So You)


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Looking for a low-sugar soda option that still packs tons of flavor and helps you maintain a happy brain? Look no further than Perfy, a new nootropic and adaptogenic soft drink designed to make you feel great. Available in Fruit Punch, Blood Orange Yuzu and Tropical Citrus flavors, it's flavored with real fruit juice and sweetened with stevia, monk fruit, and allulose, so it's sweet and fruity while having fewer than four grams of sugar per can. It's caffeine-free, and has 50mg of L-theanine and 30mg of ashwagandha, both known to help increase relaxation, focus and calm—and in our experience, they really work.

Perfy soda cans

(via Perfy)


Chef Woo Ramen 

Chef Woo Ramen comes in great, savory flavors you'll already know and love if you're a ramen-head, but is organic, fully-plant based and also packed with protein. While typical instant ramen bags have four or five grams of protein per serving, Chef Woo Ramen has 20 grams, and is also fortified with calcium, iron and potassium. It has no palm oil or MSG, and you won't miss either in its delicious flavors, including Roasted Chicken, Braised Beef, Thai Lemongrass and sweet Chili Togarashi.

chef woo ramen cups and noodle bowl

(via Chef Woo Ramen)


Ruby Jewel

We're not even exaggerating when we say that Ruby Jewel makes the best ice cream sandwiches we've ever had. The cookies are always deliciously soft, the ice cream is ridiculously rich and creamy, and they work together in perfect harmony. Our favorite flavors include their fragrant Lemon Lavender and sweetly scrumptious Salted Caramel, but they've really outdone themselves with their new summertime flavor, Campfire S'mores. The cookies are deep chocolate embedded with chocolate chips and marshmallows, while the ice cream is honey graham cracker flavor, and there's never been a better s'more-flavored treat. Plus, you can use the coupon code pureindulgence to get 20% off your next order at

Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches

(via Ruby Jewel)


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We've been fans of Dona's incredible loose leaf teas and masala chai concentrates for ages, but this month, we were introduced to even more of their delicious collection. Their Dirty Chai Concentrate combines their bold masala chai with delicious cold brew for a smooth, almost chocolaty take on the classic dirty chai latte, while their Turmeric Concentrate allows you to make flavorful and spicy golden lattes, flavored with ground turmeric, pink peppercorn, allspice, lemongrass and black pepper, with no effort at all. Both are lightly sweetened, and all you need to do is add equal parts of your favorite milk, hot or cold, to create the delicious latte of your dreams.

dona masala chai concentrate

(via Dona)


Keto Krisp

If you're looking for a protein bar that's also veto-friendly and gluten-free, Keto Krisp's options will satisfy your needs and your tastebuds. They're low-carb and low-fat while being packed with healthy fats, with some seriously tempting flavors. Our favorites are the Chocolate Mint for chocoholics, as well as the PB&J-like Almond Butter Blackberry Jelly. We also highly recommend their new, collagen-packed Butter & Salt flavor, with an oddly delicious, buttery flavor and texture that'll keep you coming back for more.

Keto crisp chocolate mint

(via Keto Krisp)


Roar Organic

For those hot and active days of summer, electrolytes are absolutely essential, and who wants to restore them with boring sports drinks? Roar Organic does things a little differently, with electrolytes as well as a suite of B vitamins, plus antioxidants from vitamins A, C and E. They're totally organic, with a hydrating coconut water base, and whether you're sipping on their Mango Clementine, Blueberry Açaí, Georgia Peach or Cucumber Watermelon flavor, you're sure to be refreshed with some of the best fruity tastes around.

roar organic electrolyte drink

(via Roar Organic)


McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

McConnell's is one of our favorite ice cream shops around (and a must-stop if you're ever visiting Santa Barbara), but lucky for all of us, you don't actually have to be within driving distance of a location to enjoy their creamy and ridiculously innovative flavors, because they deliver! We're currently loving their brand new Salted Pretzel Crunch and Maple Blueberry and Shortbread Crumble, with the former full of chocolatey, crunchy bits of salty pretzel, and the latter packed with satisfying shortbread bits and stripes of tart, fruity blueberry—but their Sprinkle Cake and Double Peanut Butter Chip are also favorites we'll never get over.

McConnell's fine ice creams summer flavors

(via McConnell's Fine Ice Creams)


Pop & Bottle

We've had plenty of delicious canned oat milk lattes in our time, but Pop & Bottle takes them to the next level. Made with single-shot coffee, these dairy-free lattes have no refined sugars and just 100 calories per can, but unlike a lot of the competition, rather than going the lightly sweetened route, they're sweetened with dates to make them just as sweet and tasty as your favorite Starbucks drink. But that's not all. Each of their five flavors also comes with additional benefits, from their marine collagen-filled vanilla latte to their mocha with adaptogens, so they'll make you feel as great as they taste.

pop and bottle oat milk lattes

(via Pop & Bottle)


Chiki Chiki Boom Boom

Chiki Chiki Boom Boom's tropical waters are anything but your average punch. The Latin-owned brand uses an ancient recipe, stemming from the region of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, utilizing a blend of botanicals, fruits, panela sugar and mountain alkaline water for a delicious, antioxidant-packed superpunch. With chamomile, lemon verbena, rose, lemongrass, mint, mallow flower and malva, it'll leave you hydrated and feeling like a million bucks while tasting great, with only 20 calories per bottle.

chiki chiki boom tropical water

(via Chiki Chiki Boom Boom)


Mercado Famous

Mercado Famous is about to permanently upgrade your charcuterie game. They offer the highest-quality Spanish charcuterie you can find in the U.S., built out of a Spanish love for tapas and fine eating, and using only the best meat from acorn-fed Ibérico pigs raised in La Alberca, Spain. Not only do their meats look stunning on any board with cheese and crackers, but they have quality you can taste in every bite. Their dry-cured hams (or jamones) are a must-try if you're new to Spanish charcuterie, but we especially love the rich, savory flavors of their cured pork loin Lomo 5o% Ibérico, and of course their Chorizo Ibérico.

Mercado famous charcuterie

(via Mercado Famous)


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Chunk Nibbles

Love homemade "puppy chow," but not the laborious process of making it? Chunk Nibbles are here to save the day. These delicious snack mixes blend salty and sweet flavors, combining corn cereal squares, peanuts, pretzels and other flavorful mix-ins, before being topped with a sweet coating for a treat that'll keep you coming back for bite after bite. Aside from the classic Orginal flavor, it's also available in S'Mores, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Strawberry, so it's easy for anyone to find a favorite.

Chunk Nibbles variety of flavors

(via Chunk Nibbles)


Savory Spice

Is your cooking game lacking that little bit of oomph? The missing ingredient just might be the right spices, and the folks at Savory Spice are masters at delivering flavorful blends that elevate any meal. Their Black Label Reserve Smoked Salt & Black Pepper adds a rich hickory smokiness to whatever your heart desires, while their Mexican Street Corn mix fuses cumin, annatto, ancho chile, turmeric, aji Amarillo chiles and more to make for the perfect elote topping. We recommend halving zucchinis and roasting them with olive oil and the smoked salt and pepper blend before topping with crema, cotija cheese and the Mexican Street Corn seasoning for a flavorful veggie dish with less mess.

savory spice mexican street corn seasoning

(via Savory Spice)


Blue Stripes

Many people know that chocolate originates from cacao, but did you know that cacao fruit is itself an edible superfruit—and that it tastes nothing like chocolate? Blue Stripes is a brand that aims to educate the masses about cacao, reducing waste from chocolate production while sharing this delicious, nutrition-packed fruit. Cacao is full of antioxidants and vitamin C, and we love the tart, almost plum-like flavor profile of both their cacao water and 100% cacao fruit squeeze packs, allowing you to enjoy the cacao by itself or as an addition to smoothies, fruit bowls and more.

Blue Stripes Cacao Water

(via Blue Stripes)


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Renude Chaggaccino

Renude's Chaggaccino is the coffee-boosting blend you never knew you needed. Just add it to your favorite coffee, hot or cold, to add adaptogenic chaga mushroom for immunity, energy and calm, as well as great flavors from Peruvian cacao, Ceylon cinnamon and monk fruit. This delicious powdered mix adds sweetness as well as delicious spice to create a tasty latte that's vegan, sugar-free and keto-friendly.

renude chagaccino

(via Renude)



Banza is a great brand that specializes in chickpea pastas, allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite classic pasta shapes, but with 50% more protein, three times as much fiber and 25% fewer net carbs. While it's a bit more starchy than traditional pastas, it's not too tough or chewy, like other veggie-based pasta substitutes, and we find that it works especially well with cheesy or creamy sauces that complement the naturally earthy flavor of the pasta. We tried their cascatelli shape, designed for optimal bite, texture and sauce-hold, and we cannot get enough.

banza chickpea cascatelli pasta

(via Banza)



If you love salty, crunchy snacks, but aren't a fan of all of the junk in the grocery store varieties, we have to recommend PeaTos. Available in both curls and rings, their snacks utilize a blend of pea, lentil and faba bean flours to make for a satisfying crunch while also being way better for you. Their Onion and Pizza Rings, as well as their No Cheese and Fiery Hot Curls, taste as good as the classics (if not better) while being plant-based and also loaded with protein and fiber.

PeaTos curls and rings

(via PeaTos)


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