Hotel Collection Has THE Best Products for Making Your Dorm Smell Divine

If you're heading off to college this fall and want to set your dorm apart from the rest, allow us to introduce you to Hotel Collection.

The moment your friends visit your room, they'll be met with a sensational smell that they will likely ask about right away. Interested in seeing what products from Hotel Collection will make your dorm room smell sensational? Keep scrolling!

Hotel Collection Black Velvet Reed Diffuser: $49.95

Reed diffusers are great for people who want an easy solution to making their rooms smell nice. There's practically no upkeep and they last for up to four months. We're fans of the Black Velvet scent as it has notes of black tea, bergamot, bay leaves, amber and more.

(via Hotel Collection)


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Hotel Collection Classic My Way Candle: $49.95

Looking for a way to win someone over? Get them the My Way candle. With fragrant notes of leather, sandalwood, iris, musk and more, this lush candle will set the mood for a late night of studying or having a viewing party of The Bachelor in your dorm.

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Hotel Collection Cabana Room Spray: $45.95

Room sprays are totally underrated, and if you feel like getting your hands on a scent you will become completely obsessed with, look no further than the Cabana fragrance. Featuring notes of jasmine, bergamot, marine and amber, it's not too overwhelming and will leave your dorm smelling like The Ritz Carlton.

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Hotel Collection Dream On Hourglass Diffuser Oil: $44.95

Have a diffuser? Then you need an oil to go with it! Our first choice has to be the Dream On scent, which has a total spa-like smell. It has notes of cedarwood, white tea, aloe and vanilla, so prepare to have the best smelling room on campus.

(via Hotel Collection)


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