8 Ways to Get Your Crush to Notice You in Class

There's something electric about discovering that your crush is in one of your classes.

But along with the excitement of getting to see them every school day, there's the dread of making a fool of yourself around them or letting the semester run out before you've managed to make an impression.

If you're eager to be on your crush's radar, here are eight things you can do to catch their attention in class.

Sit Close to Them

It's not always possible to sit close to your crush in class, but whenever there's unassigned seating, make an effort to be physically near them. Try making a mental note of where they typically sit, and make that your go-to spot. If you're always seated right next to each other, there will be more opportunities to interact—and fall head-over-heels for each other.

Mean Girls: Cady Heron tells her crush it's October 3

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Raise Your Hand

This may sound obvious, but the easiest way to get your crush's attention in a classroom setting is to be engaged in that class. Every time you participate by speaking up or answering a teacher's question is another opportunity for your crush to take notice of you. If you just stay quiet and sit at the back of the classroom, your crush might never even know you're there.


Know Your Stuff

Beyond simple class participation, you'll want to ace the class you share with your crush. Not only will it show off your impressive smarts, but it might even lead to them coming to you for help in the class. If you see them struggling, you can also offer to help out.

Obviously, you should try your hardest in all your classes, but the presence of your crush in your class might push you to excel even further in that subject. And who doesn't want to be study buddies with their crush?


Borrow Something From Them

If you're struggling to strike up a conversation with your crush, stick with a time-honored classic and ask them if they have an extra pencil or eraser or breath mint you can use. It's simple and a little bit clichéd, but it's guaranteed to make them at least acknowledge you.

Stranger Things: Dustin, Will, Lucas and Mike look toward the back of class at new student, Max

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Be Prepared to Have Them Borrow Something From You

Maybe we're just extra cautious, but we tend to have extra school supplies on hand at all times in case someone forgot theirs. If your crush happens to forget their No. 2 pencil when you're having an important Scantron test, you'll be totally prepared to save their day.


Team Up for Group Projects

We're not big fans of group projects—we always wind up doing all the work—but they can be a good opportunity to work with your crush and get to know them a lot better. If you're feeling bold, you can ask them directly if they'll be part of your group. If that thought terrifies you, try asking your crush's closest friend in the class to join your project to circuitously wrangle in your crush. It's a win-win!

Riverdale: Veronica, Betty, Archie and Cheryl bored in class

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Look Cute and Feel Confident

This one's another no-brainer, but your crush is probably more likely to notice you if you bring your visual A game to class. That said, you should never change the way you look for them. Instead of dressing how you think your crush would want you to dress, wear outfits that make you feel cute and totally confident. If you never wear makeup or do your hair, don't change for their sake. Just be your favorite version of you, and if they're the right person, they'll take notice.


Exude Kindness and Positivity

Even when you're feeling exhausted and grumpy in class, try to keep things upbeat. Positivity and kindness can be totally infectious, and if you can bring a bright and cheery mood to an otherwise dispirited classroom, it'll be clear to everyone around you. When being cynical is in style, staying optimistic will help you stand out in a crowd—and if your crush is only interested in people with bad attitudes, you probably don't want to be with them, anyhow.


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