8 Best Ways to Prepare for a Date

There are so many questions and anxieties that go through our minds when it comes to going on a dateWill the convo go well? Will they foot the bill? Will they go in for a kiss?    

But those thoughts are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything that leads up to this nerve-wrecking occasion.

While we can't predict whether the date will go well or if you'll leave wanting more, we can help alleviate some of those pre-date jitters. Keep reading for the eight best ways to prepare for a date:

1. Try on Your Outfit the Night Before—and Make Sure You Feel 100% Comfortable in It

We can't count how many times we relied on a particular outfit for date night, only to find out last minute that there's a stain we didn't initially spot, or the outfit just isn't fitting us properly at the moment. If there's one thing we've learned, try on your look the night before! That way if anything goes wrong, you have time to assemble a backup.

Additionally, while you may want to accentuate certain assets of your body, if what you try on is too tight or ill-fitting in any way, always stick to comfort before all else. The last thing you need is to be distracted all night, due to constantly adjusting what you're wearing or not feeling fully confident in what you put on.

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2. Wear a Memorable Scent

You obviously want to leave a lasting impression, and a big part of that lies in how you smell. While you certainly don't want your scent to overwhelm (and therefore distract from the date itself), you do want to wear an aroma that you feel comfortable and confident being immersed in all night. We recommend layering, starting with a shower scrub using one of Spongellé's scent-infused body buffers. Next, apply a thick covering of scented body lotion, and then lightly spritz key areas with actual perfume or body spray. The combo of all three should keep you smelling fresh and flirty all night.


3. Show Some Skin, But Not Everywhere

While you should never feel obligated to reveal any amount of skin, if you do feel like doing so on date night, opt for one area in particular. If you want to show off your killer legs in a svelte LBD, then it's best to remain a little more covered-up in the cleavage area. That said, if you throw on your finest bra and are feeling your best self, then pair a lower-cut top with jeans or some kind of pant that covers up your legs. This is your opportunity to dress outside of the classroom, without going overboard.

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4. Go Bold With Either Your Eyes or Lips

Much like No. 3, when it comes to makeup, go big in one area, but don't overdo it everywhere. Focusing on either the lips or the eyes will give your date something to be attentive to all night, without getting distracted. Additionally, focusing on either of the two will make it clear that you wanted to impress your date just enough, but weren't trying too hard.


5. Give Your Pals a Heads-Up That You'll Briefly Be Off the Grid

If you're in contact with certain friends around the clock, be sure to fill them in on your plans so you don't feel obligated to check your phone constantly. You want to be in the moment, focusing on your date—not you and your BFF's Snap streak. You also don't want to check your phone after a couple hours to find a flood of why aren't you responding? messages. It's also important they know exactly where you are and who you're with, in case anyone really needs to get a hold of you. And on that same token, be sure to have at least one pal on standby in case you need an impromptu ride home or need someone to call you with "an emergency" so you can make an easy exit if things go wrong.

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6. Do Your Hair the Night Before, or First Thing in the Morning

Much like No. 1, we can't stress the importance of getting your hair out of the way in advance. You may think you'll have plenty of time to figure it out, but trust us, it's a key factor, and it's not something you'll necessarily like on the first try. Do your hair hours in advance, so that when it really comes down to the final stretch of date prep, all you need to do is touch up on the foundation you've already laid.


7. Be on Time (or Early)

A huge red flag we spot on a date from the get-go is running late. Not being prompt shows you don't value the other person's time or their company, in addition to displaying a sense of disorganization—which is generally a huge turnoff. Also, being rushed will make you frazzled when you show up, which can cause the date to not go as planned. Bottom line: Be on time (if not early!).

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8. Bring a Pouch of Listerine Pocketpaks

Let's face it, the freshness of a just-brushed set of teeth doesn't last forever, and while you may leave the house with a minty-fresh mouth, that taste is likely to fade by the time you make it to your date. While your first thought may be to opt for gum, keep in mind that it will be tacky to toss when you're done, and it can leave plaque on your teeth, which can make your breath smell even worse. Listerine strips are our go-to because they dissolve in your mouth, they're sugar-free, and they kill 99.9% of bad-breath-causing bacteria.


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