Raven's Home Actor Issac Ryan Brown Dishes on the Creation of His Debut EP, What I'm On

On July 12, actor and pop-R&B singer-songwriter Issac Ryan Brown dropped his debut EP, What I'm On, on his 17th birthday, and its seven tracks prove he's an artist to watch in 2022.

While many might know the Detroit native best as Booker Baxter-Carter on Disney Channel's Raven's Home, Issac has been a musical artist for even longer than he's been acting, first making a mark at the age of 6 when he was on America's Got Talent. Since then, he's honed his craft, both vocally and creatively, to become an artist with serious chops. We got the chance to ask Issac about what it means to finally make his EP debut.

Picking the Title What I'm On

Issac Ryan Brown: The main reason What I'm On was the perfect name for my EP is because it's the hypest song on the album, in my opinion. The bass and the choices we made with my vocals in the studio made the song so cool! But while making the EP, I felt like people didn't really take my music seriously—so in that song, I wanted to set the tone for the EP and release some of the frustration I had on the record.


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What What I'm On Means

IRB: The main themes for What I'm On are self-expression, releasing stress and pressure and young love. I personally feel like music hits everyone's ears differently, but if I could choose what people take away from this EP, I would want people to feel like they have a way to escape. If they want to dance or cry, or if they've ready to fall in love.


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Creating the Tracks on What I'm On

I start writing most of my songs the same way. I'll hear a beat and then hop in the booth and lay down a variety of melodies. Once I choose one that I like, I'll build the rest of the song around that. There were only a few exceptions, like "Why Can't We," where I sent the melody idea first.


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