Did You Know Jake Miller Was An Extra In THIS Movie?

Jake Miller is one of our fave musicians, and, honestly, just one of our fave guys in general. Sure he has an incredibly strong rap game and shreds on guitar, but we really love how he's always there for his fans and all the amazing causes he supports. Which is why Jake is our Man Crush Monday this week.


Full Name: Jacob Harris Miller

Hometown: Weston, Florida☀️

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (You could be his soulmate if you're an Aries or a Leo!)

Favorite Sport: Basketball (Ball is life?)

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Candy: Starbursts

Biggest Influence: Justin Timberlake

Favorite Food: Chipotle burritos (SAME!)

Favorite Movie: Step Brothers

Fun Facts:

1. He can solve a Rubiks Cube in under two minutes. That's a serious skill right there!

2. Oh, and he has Pi memorized to 100 digits. Why? We don't know, but it's pretty rad.

3. Jake was an extra in Marley & Me and now we need to watch that movie again to spot him!

4. He taught himself to play guitar, because he's just a talented guy. Look at this throwback vid of him at 15 — S'cute!

BRUH THIS IS SO TRIPPY lol watch this video then watch the one I just uploaded… Me at 15 ???

A video posted by Jake Miller (@jakemiller) on

5. He would give anything to collaborate with Drake. We need to see this happen in 2016!

6. Jake is really close with his sister and he always goes to her when he needs some serious advice. AWE!

7. He's worked with Love is Louder, which inspires everyone to love themselves and know that everything will get better.

8. He teamed up with DoSomething for an anti-smoking campaign that encouraged teens to clean up cigarette butts in their community.

9. And just last month, we caught up with Jake before he performed at Rock The Red Kettle to benefit The Salvation Army.


We were lucky enough to have Jake show us around his hometown. Watch it HERE!