Jen Cohen Bogan Tells Us All About Her Company Bluejay Electric Bikes

The first time we rode an e-bike, we knew we were never going to turn back to a regular one.

There's just something so magical about electric bikes, and if you've ever had the pleasure of riding one yourself, you know exactly what we're talking about. One of the best e-bike brands out there, Bluejay, is one that absolutely needs to be on your radar. The founder, Jen Cohen Bogan, was kind enough to answer all of our questions in the interview below.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself!

Jen Cohen Bogan: My name is Jen Cohen Bogan, and I'm the Bay Area-based founder of Bluejay Electric Bikes. Prior to Bluejay, I worked in fashion and beauty marketing and brand building, but I had a dream and passion to create something of my own. Through my own personal search for a beautiful, luxurious high-quality e-bike, I realized it didn't exist—and that is how Bluejay was born.


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SH: Tell us about Bluejay!

JCB: Bluejay bikes match the best of vintage-bike design with top-of-the-line materials, power and safety standards. At Bluejay, we believe that the fun of e-biking should be accessible to everyone—all ages and experience levels—and that getting out of the car and onto the bike shouldn't mean sacrificing comfort, safety or ease. That's why we offer the most customized, beautiful and best-in-class e-bikes.


SH: What bikes do you currently offer?

JCB: Currently, we offer two models: the Premiere and the Sport. The Premiere is our first model and a Class 1 e-bike, suitable for all levels of riders. With the Sport, which is our second model, we took the beautiful design of our original Premiere model and kicked it up a notch with the torquiest motor on the market—we like to call it the SUV of e-bikes. Each model has two different size frames to choose from and is completely adjustable so that everyone can find their perfect fit.


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SH: Do you have any bikes suitable for people on a budget?

JCB: The price of our bikes is an investment that reflects the top-notch and high-quality parts and components that we use to create not only the most beautiful e-bikes on the market, but also the safest and most reliable. We offer financing to make your Bluejay dreams affordable on any budget.


SH: Why did you choose e-bikes over "regular" bikes?

JCB: I first rode an e-bike when I moved to Marin County six years ago. I kept seeing all of these people riding uphill on bikes carrying kids, and I was wondering, "How is this possible?" I live up a hill, but the idea of riding a bike to drop off the kids at school instead of waiting in the long car line appealed to me. I started to search for an e-bike that would be powerful and safe but also reflect my love for vintage style. When I realized it didn't exist, I felt compelled to create one.


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SH: What makes Bluejay so special?

JCB: In addition to quality, power and style, you can truly tailor your Bluejay bike to your preferences and needs. We have a large assortment of beautiful colors, and the bikes come fully loaded with lights, a bell, racks and more. We sell curated baskets, cell phone holders, coffee holders, kid's seats and even pet holders. I don't know of any other e-bike brand that approaches the design process as we do. We think about the customer's lifestyle first and design everything from there.


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