Jordan Michelle Dishes on Her New Tosh The Drummer Collab, 'Never Date a Gemini'

If a bad relationship ever left you feeling a little vengeful, then you'll love Jordan Michelle's new song with Tosh the Drummer, "Never Date a Gemini."

Inspired by a real experience with a cheating boyfriend, Jordan wrote this song as a kind of revenge fantasy, living out all of the things we wish we could do in retaliation—but never do. When we heard it, we just had to learn more about Jordan and her story, and she told us all about the song and its lyrics—and why it felt perfect to release the track in the midst of Gemini season.

The Story Behind 'Never Date a Gemini'

Jordan Michelle: I always say I don't feel like I've fully processed an emotion or a situation until I've written about it. Music makes people feel so that's always the most complete way I can communicate what I'm feeling. I had been cheated on and had this concept written in my notes for the longest time. That feeling when you know someone f****ed you over but they won't own it and you want your retribution. Since you know they'll tell everyone you're the crazy one, it's like, "I'll show you crazy."


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What 'Never Date a Gemini' Means

JM: I think it just encapsulates that you should feel your feelings and you can be honest with yourself about how you're feeling. Should you smash his headlights? No. But is it okay that you want to? Is it also okay that you're sad and missing someone that f**** up? Yes. I hope that anyone who has been through this, who can't make sense of what they're feeling, can hear this and feel it. I also hope that whether or not they've been in this situation they thrash and scream it at the top of their lungs.


On Releasing the Track During Gemini Season…

JM: My poor boyfriend is a Gemini, I made it a point not to release it on his birthday.


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Jordan's Favorite Lyric

JM:It's somewhere in between the beginning, "They told me never date a Gemini, if I'm honest I faked it the whole damn time." I was like, "holy s***" when I came up with that. I think it's just so relatable. I also love the "b**** I'll show you psycho," towards the end because it just felt super raw and honest. Tickles me every time.


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