TikTok Sensation Jordi Reveals the Vulnerable True Story Behind Debut Single 'Hate You'

If you're a massive fan of TikTok sensation Jordi, the day you've been waiting for is finally here with the release of her debut single, "Hate You."

Followers of the 19-year-old dancer, musical artist and creator already know she's a massive talent, from her moves to her incredible voice, but she truly shines on the vulnerable new track, a vibey pop ballad about heartbreak, and the realization you have to let go of someone you still love, despite the pain they've caused you. We love the song's fresh, narrative-driven and authentic approach. It's just the start of something beautiful, and we got the chance to ask Jordi all about the song, its lyrics and why it felt just right as her first-ever original track.

The Story Behind 'Hate You'

Jordi: "Hate You" is a very emotional song to me. I wrote it while going through a very tough heartbreak. I wanted to write a song that captured what I was feeling, the feeling of not being able to hate someone even after they've hurt you. It's such a confusing thing to still have so much love for someone who is also the reason you are crying yourself to sleep at night. I think that the lyrics really capture what that feels like.


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What 'Hate You' Means

Jordi: I wrote this song when I was in a very vulnerable mindset. To me, it's kind of like a diary entry that I've put to music and am sharing with the world. Even though it's so personal to me and tells a story from my life, I want the song to feel just as personal to the listener and for them to really be able to relate to the lyrics. I hope listeners are able to really feel whatever emotions this song brings up for them.

Jordi glitter curtain press shot

(Photo credit: Heather Krut)


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Jordi's Favorite Lyric

Jordi: "Underneath the games you played I know that you're thoughtful, and that only makes this worse I wish you were awful." I don't think I could've written a more accurate lyric. The thought of knowing that they broke your heart but underneath the games and mistakes that they have nothing but love for you and good intentions make it ten thousand times more difficult to navigate how to feel.

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(Photo credit: Heather Krut)


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