JVKE Shares the Magical Feeling—and the Classical Artist—That Inspired New Single 'Golden Hour'

21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JVKE has been making music since he was just 3, and his powerful musical prowess is on full display in his stunning new single, "Golden Hour."

The new track, which dropped last week, was the follow-up to his previous single "this is what heartbreak feels like," an impassioned breakup song that's become a viral YouTube Shorts hit thanks to its open verse challenge and becoming a dance trend, with the track used more than 200k. Both songs blend authentic lyricism and a modern touch with classical influences to create a sound that's undeniably JVKE, demonstrating that he's one of the most innovative and multifaceted artists around today. We got the chance to chat with JVKE about "Golden Hour," its lyrics and its influences, and here's what he shared with us.

The Story Behind 'Golden Hour'

JVKE: I was inspired by Franz Liszt, an 1800s composer whose music I played when being classically trained in piano. His composition style heavily influenced the pianos in the production.


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What 'Golden Hour' Means

JVKE: It feels like a pause in time, with all your attention on that special someone. The sun is shining—it's your golden hour. I wanted to capture the emotion that you feel when you see something beautiful. That feeling is the "golden hour."

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JVKE's Favorite Lyric

JVKE: "It's your golden hour." I think the phrase encapsulates everything I feel when I see something beautiful. Those words really painted the picture for me and I hope it does for everyone who hears it.

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