How Coming Out as Non-Binary Inspired Kaatii's Catharsis on my Bedroom Floor EP

16-year-old emerging artist Kaatii has a phenomenal voice and an incredible story to tell, and if you're not already a fan, their debut EP, Catharsis on my Bedroom Floorwill make you one.

Released at the end of October, the EP consists of seven deeply personal tracks exploring Kattii's struggle with self-acceptance and coming out as trans and non-binary, and the process of growth that has followed. The songs explore their mental health and the non-linear process of healing, written and brought to life so profoundly that even if you don't relate precisely with their struggle, you still feel it in every note. Once we heard the EP, we just had to learn more, and we had the chance to ask Kaatii all about it in the interview below.

Sweety High: What does the EP name Catharsis on my Bedroom Floor mean to you? Why did that feel like the perfect name for this collection of songs?

Kaatii: Catharsis on my Bedroom Floor is a lyric from the last song on the project, "Orion." That phrase holds a lot of emotional value for me because some of the most life-altering realizations I have had took place lying on my bedroom floor. It's about the specific moment I accepted myself as a trans (non-binary) individual. It was in the early months of 2021, and I was lying on my floor sobbing, having some sort of panic attack. Suddenly, something just clicked— it was very cathartic for me. I just remember thinking, "This is it. This is the missing piece."

Kaatii playing acoustic guitar in the plants

(Image courtesy of Kaatii)


SH: What would you say are the main themes of Catharsis on my Bedroom Floor? What kind of journey do you hope to take listeners on with the EP?

Kaatii: This project as a whole is the pathway of the bitter and tumultuous journey that is "healing" in my mind. I would say the main themes are, for sure, healing, growing, mental health, transness/queerness and moving on. Also, coming to terms with and accepting the things that I have gone through and that I continue to go through, which are all pertaining to mental health and the intricacies related to that. The order of the songs is really important to the journey I want to take listeners on, because it documents the "healing and acceptance" process in order of the tracks.

Kaatii Against butterfly mural

(Image courtesy of Kaatii)


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SH: Are you the kind of person who finds it extra grounding to sit on the floor? Do you ever feel like you've learned a lot about yourself by doing things in an unusual way?

Kaatii: I am always sitting in peculiar positions in strange areas. Sitting on the floor sprawled out is where I work best. I find a lot of joy in doing things in slightly unorthodox ways—finding out what works best for me is a priority.

(Image courtesy of Kaatii)


SH: What's your favorite song on the EP? Why?

Kaatii: As of now, my favorite song is "Dandelion Puff." I wrote it based on a journal entry from a panic attack. It explores the feeling of self-destruction, believing all the negativity and thinking that will last forever. It is this bitter, emotionally ugly song. I mean, it's sonically beautiful and epic, and it's very dramatic, but it comes from some extremely harsh feelings—this horrific desire to ruin everything. This feeling that I am undeserving, and I might take everything good and throw it away. It is a very powerful and eerie opener and just starts off the project on a very unsettling foot. It is my favorite because I know the journey, both in real life and on the EP, leads to a better and happier place.


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SH: How does it feel to you to have your first-ever EP out? Was there anything that surprised you about the process?

Kaatii: It feels really nice to have my first EP project out as an independent musician; it is very validating. It surprised me just how much goes into a relatively small collection of songs. This was created over about a year and a half, and it took so much time, effort and energy. It's crazy how much goes into it.

Kaatii smiling playing acoustic guitar

(Image courtesy of Kaatii)


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Kaatii: I couldn't have done it without my wonderful support system—my family and friends, my therapist, my cats and my amazing fans. My professional team: co-writer Kara Connolly, producer Andrew Heringer, string arranger Jordan Lehning, distributor Tone Tree Music, business marketing consultant Brianna Ruelas, publicist Dea Zazula and Hello PR and graphic designer Jack Litchfield. Expect more to come soon from Kaatii!

Kaatii leaning back in leather

(Image courtesy of Kaatii)


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