Vancouver pop singer-songwriter Madisyn Gifford never misses the mark, and we think her latest single, the playful yet sardonic “Hospital Beds,” may be her best yet.

The track dropped at the end of October, and though it has an upbeat sound and feel, its lyrics tell a different story, hinting at its more sorrowful origins to become something with a uniquely vibrant tongue-in-cheek attitude. Today, Madisyn revealed the song’s cheeky music video—and we have the exclusive right here at Sweety High. In the video, Madisyn brings her daydreams to life while playfully skewering her own victim complex, making for a series of unforgettable scenes that perfectly suit the track. Check out the music video here before you can see it anywhere else, and keep scrolling to discover everything Madisyn revealed to us about the “Hospital Beds.”

The Story Behind ‘Hospital Beds’

Madisyn Gifford: I originally wrote “Hospital Beds” as a really sad acoustic song on a trip that I had to Whistler during the first snow of the year. It was always a song that lyrically was so special to me and Jared Manierka, and I spent months and months toying with it until, eventually, we decided to turn it into something completely different from where I had started and right from the beginning, I fell in love with it. It turned into the self-deprecating pop song of my dreams and I love it so so much.

Madisyn Gifford Hospital Bed artwork

(Photo credit: Tatum MacLean)


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What ‘Hospital Beds’ Means

MG: I have a very self-deprecating sense of humor, and that’s always something that I’ve brought into my songwriting, so I hope that people who listen to it can find empowerment through it the same way I do and also get a good laugh.

Madisyn Gifford hospital beds mattress in the water

(Photo credit: Tatum MacLean)


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On the Music Video

MG: I think the music video was honestly my way of completing the story of the song. I had the idea and the visuals pop into my head when I would walk around listening to demos of it coming up with notes, and had such a specific vision of what I wanted it to be, which was a reenaction and dramatization of my own daydreams when I’m not in a healthy mindset.

Madisyn Gifford Hospital Beds standing outside in field

(Photo credit: Tatum MacLean)


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Madisyn’s Favorite Lyric

MG: I would say my favorite lyric from the song is “I kind of want to crash my car so I can call you up,” only because the whole song started through that initial idea and thought that I think everyone can have of, “if I ended up in the hospital tomorrow, would that person be there?” I think it definitely has a bit of shock value starting a song that way as well, and I’ve always loved that. The bridge also has a very special place in my heart, and I find myself listening to the song over again just so I can hear that part and chuckle to myself.

Madisyn Gifford Hospital beds pillows

(Photo credit: Tatum MacLean)


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