Lili Reinhart Shows Off Her Stellar Special Effects Makeup Skills on Co-Star Madelaine Petsch

Lili Reinhart is a good friend to have.

Not only will she save you from a wardrobe disaster, she'll use her impressive special effects makeup skills to entertain your YouTube viewers.

The Riverdale actress made a guest appearance in a video for co-star Madelaine Petsch's YouTube channel, posted on July 4. Rather than just chat with her friend and co-worker, Lili put her talents to work.

Over the course of the nearly nine-minute video, she managed to create a fake shark bite on Madelaine's leg that was somehow both cool and scarily realistic.

As Madelaine noted, it was Lili's first time filming a sit-down video for the channel. Still, they made it worth the wait. Their project was unique and fun, and their banter was even better.

Madelaine's video gave us a chance to learn a little about special effects makeup, but it also is a nice look at her friendship with Lili. It's obvious that these two are true friends and not just co-workers. Their teasing quips made us want to hang out, too. Next time, maybe?

Lili definitely needs to make more guest appearances on the channel in the future.


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