I'm Proof Logitech G's New Color Collection Isn't Just for Hardcore PC Gamers

I don't know about you, but I tend to get a little bit complacent when it comes to my computer setup.

For years I've had all the same stuff—an old Wacom tablet instead of a traditional mouse, my Lofree Four Seasons mechanical keyboard in front of me, and a couple of external monitors hooked up to my laptop, so I can see everything at once. I was happy with what I had, but I wasn't thinking much about how my work station could improve.

So when I was asked if I'd be interested in reviewing and covering Logitech G's new Color Collection line, I was intrigued by the idea of upping my game. The brand puts an emphasis on PC gaming accessories, and as a Mac user who does the vast majority of her gaming on the Nintendo Switch, I was curious to find out how much use I'd actually get out of those beautifully high-end new gadgets. I agreed to check them out, and here's what I discovered.

The Line

Logitech G's Color Collection line is all about injecting a much-needed splash of vibrancy into the premium gaming accessories. While this tech typically comes in drab blacks and greys, the Color Collection throws in lilac, blue and white options, all backlit by RGB rainbow lighting. This collection includes a gaming headset, both wired and wireless mouses and a sleek gaming keyboard. By downloading the Logitech Gaming Software (available for both Mac and PC), you can also customize some of the products to make the experience completely your own.

Logitech G Color Collection Items

(via Logitech G)


G733 Gaming Headphones: $129.99 (pre-order)

Since I've never really used a pair of gaming headphones, I decided to try these out first. Immediately, I was taken with how ridiculously comfy they are thanks to the memory foam pads around the ears. They also looked very cute, with the lilac color and funky band in purple, seafoam and highlighter yellow looking unlike any other tech I own.

Logitech G G77 Gaming headphones

(via Logitech G)

Setting up was also pretty simple. I just had to plug in the lilac-colored USB adapter into my laptop and press a button on the headphones themselves to turn them on, then went into the sound preferences of my computer to get my sound streaming out of them (since, for whatever reason, the sound output had defaulted to one of my external monitors).

And I was really happy with the quality of the sound that came out of them. I tend to play music for the majority of my day in the background, and my tunes sounded smooth and melodic coming out of these headphones, with just the right tone to the bass to make the sounds really pop.

The color-changing lights on this headphone set are interesting because, unlike the other gadgets in the series, you can't actually see the lights filter through the colors of the rainbow because you're wearing them. I can imagine that would make these pretty cool for streamers who enjoy the aesthetic. However, I did find that sometimes, because I wear glasses, the colors were reflected back at me in my lenses, visible in my peripheral vision. That was slightly distracting, but kind of cool nonetheless.

One thing I do have to note is that these are not Bluetooth headphones. Instead, they use a proprietary tech called Lightspeed wireless, developed for low-latency and reliable performance. In my experience, this technology works great, and seems to be easier to set up and more reliable than Bluetooth. However,  it also means that these headphones are only compatible with Mac and PC computers, as well as PlayStation 4. You might be disappointed if you try to hook these up to your phone.

And while I'm not much for games with chat functionality (I tried Fortnite like once, and the fact that I could hear other players stressed me out to no end), I did give the mouthpiece on these headphones a test run by doing a voice recording on my laptop with them, and it sounded clear and crisp. These are nice gaming headphones, and while they won't necessarily become my go-to's, I'll keep them close at hand for those special occasions.

Logitech G Color Collection headphones and mouse

(via Logitech G)


G203 Lightsync Gaming Mouse: $29.99 – $39.99

So I'm a weirdo who basically hasn't used a mouse in more than a decade, opting instead to use a Wacom tablet, because I find the controls much more responsive. That's one of the reasons I was so curious to find out what this new mouse could do, and I was very pleasantly surprised by it.

First, this Lightsync Gaming Mouse is wired. It doesn't have any internal battery, and only works when it's plugged into your Mac or PC via its USB cable (which, conveniently, is more than six feet long), which is important to know if you don't love dealing with cords.

Logitech G G203 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse

(via Logitech G)

Once I had the mouse plugged in (and borrowed a spare mouse pad), I found that getting back into using a great mouse was like riding a bike, and that using it was totally seamless. The movement speed across the screen felt just right, but could be toggled in my computer settings, and the mouse wheel was perfect for scrolling through webpages with ease.

And then, there was the look of the thing. The mouse came in the same cute lilac color as the headphones, with the bold purple center of the mouse matching the accent colors. I was also able to enjoy the pulsing colors even more with the mouse, because I had it in my hand at all times during the workday.

However, while Logitech's website specs seem to hint that this mouse is compatible with the Logitech Gaming Software, so far I haven't been able to get it to register on there in order to tinker with the color and button settings. Thankfully, I was able to test all of that out with the next mouse on this list.


G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: $59.99

While the other goodies in my Logitech bundle game in pastel shades of lilac, my Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse was a cleaner white with a black wheel. Even so, it looks just as sleek as the other products on this list.

Logitech G Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

To get started with the mouse, I just had to slip off the easily removable battery cover of the mouse and insert a AA battery, which conveniently was packaged along with the mouse. The mouse's USB adapter was also cleverly hidden in this compartment, which I appreciate. Not only is it a sleek design, but it makes it so that it's a lot harder to lose the adapter.

All I had to do was plug that adapter into a USB port, and like with the headphones, it connected using Lightspeed Wireless technology. Again, I want to point out that this is not a Bluetooth mouse, and it will only work on Macs and PCs by plugging in via USB.

Once it was synced up, this mouse immediately felt fast and responsive, and I was easily able to navigate the pointer exactly where I wanted it. I found it slightly easier to deal with because of the wirelessness, though I don'love the fact that it's not rechargeable. I'm curious to see how long it'll live on a single battery, and might have to invest in some rechargeables because I do love using this mouse.

Even better, I was able to get this mouse synced with the Logitech Gaming Software in order to make some adjustments to it. Unlike the other pieces in this collection, it doesn't light up (potentially for the sake of the battery inside), but I was able to tamper with its sensitivity to get it exactly how I like it, as well as customize some of the buttons on the mouse. I love having an undo, cut and paste without formatting keys mapped right onto my mouse—and in fact, it might be tricky for me to ever go back to my tablet for non-drawing purposes.

Logitech Gaming Software: Mouse settings

(via Logitech Gaming Software)


G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: $229.99

Last but definitely not least is the Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which is definitely the star of this new line of products (and by far the priciest keyboard I've ever owned.) I've been a loyal user of mechanical keyboards ever since I first tried them back in 2017, adoring the tactile sensation of their ultra-clicky keys. They make me feel extra productive and important, which always feels good. However, my Lofree Four Seasons keyboard was built around aesthetics more than functionality, so I was curious to see how this gaming-centric keyboard would differ from it.

Unlike the other products in this group, this keyboard does support Bluetooth, if that's what you prefer, in addition to Lightspeed wireless connection via USB. You can even use it wired, if you so please, which allow charges the keyboard. According to its packaging, you can use it for up to 40 hours on a single charge, and it certainly hasn't died on me since I started using it about four workdays ago.

Logitech G Tenkeyless lightspeed RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

(via Logitech G)

Setting the keyboard up via Bluetooth is the same as any wireless keyboard, and using the Lightspeed adapter was even easier. As soon as I had it plugged in, I had to give the old keys a try. I found that while they didn't make as loud of a sound, they did depress in an even more satisfying way. I also soon found that, because I didn't have to press them down as far to activate each key, I was quickly able to type faster on this keyboard than on my previous one after only a couple of days of adapting to it.

It made it even more fun to type on this keyboard because it's so good-looking. The face of it is textured aluminum, and the keys are a white that really makes the color-changing backlighting pop. Those rainbow lights are bright, but thankfully, a sun symbol key turns the light down a bit with just one press, and you can turn it all the way down for distraction-free typing if you please.

Mac users should probably be aware that this keyboard is situated like a PC keyboard, so some of the keys might not be in the places you'd expect—specifically the option and command keys, which are reversed. While I could relearn this with the new keyboard (and I'm sure many people have done this in the past) I just went into my keyboard settings and swapped those keys for this keyboard. I also popped off the individual keys and put them in the appropriate spots. While this works great for the keyboard while it's wired or using Lightspeed, for some reason my laptop doesn't give me the option to do this when I connect via Bluetooth.

And maybe I'm just lacking some tech savvy, but I'm also having some issues setting up my function keys to do what I like. Thankfully, instead of using F11 and F12 to turn the volume up and down, the keyboard features a handy wheel that accomplishes this for me.

It's also taking some getting used to having new buttons like "PRTSC," "INS" and "PG UP" and "PG DN" to the right side of my keyboard, when I'm used to the delete and return buttons being over there, but I'm quickly learning to use them to optimize my workflow, which has been worth the occasional accidental presses.

So far, I'm a huge fan of this keyboard, and it's by far my favorite item in the set, and probably one that I'll get a lot of use out of for years to come.

It also appears that it's possible to customize the keyboard to synchronize light profiles with content using the Logitech Gaming Software, though I've had no luck doing this so far because this keyboard doesn't show up as an option there.

Bottom Line

If I can think of any downsides to these products, the first is that they don't come cheap. They're absolutely high-quality pieces of technology that are worth the money, but the functionality might not make sense for more casual users, whether you're a gamer or someone who uses a computer often.

The second is that using three Lightspeed wireless devices at once would require plugging into three USB ports. On some PCs, that might not be a problem, but on my Macbook, I only have two ports. I can use the headset and mouse on Lightspeed and the laptop on Bluetooth, but that's not my favorite option, and I may have to invest in a dongle so I can use them all that way at once.

It was about time I upped my game, and Logitech G really got me there.

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