7 Seriously Cool Things You Can Do to Love Yourself on Valentine's Day

Many people associate Valentine's Day with chocolates, conversation hearts (welp, except for this year), fancy dinners, rom-coms, and, depending on your sitch, tubs of ice cream.

In reality, those forms of instant gratification are simply surface and don't really amount to anything.

Because Feb. 14 is ultimately about love (in all its forms), why not do something special for the most important person in your life: you. If you're struggling to come up with ideas outside of buying a new outfit or indulging in pizza, rest assured you've come to the right place.

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Single or not, here are seven seriously cool things you can do to love yourself on Valentine's Day:

1. Go for a Reiki Session

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that uses light touch or floating of the hands above a person's body to help stimulate natural healing processes. Through just one session, you have the ability to open up blocked chakras and cleanse yourself of negative energy built up in your system over time.

We've documented the power of some of our own sessions, and as long as you go into it with an open mind, there's no reason for you not to feel somewhat of a difference once you're done with even one. Added bonus? It doesn't require you to do anything except lay down and relax.

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2. Seek Guidance From a Spiritual Healer

Many reiki specialists offer spiritual readings as well. These sessions involve using intuitive guidance and clarity to assist you in your personal growth and empowerment. Spiritual guidance can often confirm information that you many already sense or suspect. A spiritual reading is more interactive than a psychic reading because it provides more guidance and insight than the psychic reader's interpretation of particular tarot cards or messages from spirits and guides. A good spiritual reader will encourage you to ask questions and to question yourself, so that your experience is on a more personal level.


3. Manifest Your Hopes and Dreams Into a Journal, or Create a Vision Board

We know it sounds silly, but writing down the specifics of your hopes and dreams (whether it's in regards to dating, career, family, finance, whatever) and truly focusing on them—even pretending that they've already come to fruition—can make them a reality. One of our writers previously documented the experience, and she continues manifesting everything she wants to this day. Whether it's in the form of a journal or a vision board (something we've also done), putting the energy of what you want into the world and truly believing in it is said to make it come to life. Think big and positive. What do you truly want from this world?

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I have been looking at this each morning since I made it and repeating the mantra "dreamed it then real lifed it." I wake up with visions, ideas, and dreams in my heart again. I wasn't sure I would get here or if I did what it would look like. I am realizing that it's here and it's not super exciting on the outside or to others. It looks like life, but I feel the fire inside again and for that I am thankful. In February I am co-hosting a vision board night with @pamelaturos at @thegreenhouseeuclid. It's my hope that together we can build community, dream dreams, and have a lot of fun! See our event on Facebook and in my profile. See It Be It Vision Board Party. I am also starting an in person grief meet up in Euclid on Monday February 25th. If you have experienced loss or feel alone join us! This is not a professionally run group, it is a group of like minded community members who want to come together and support and learn from one another. Watch for more information about this and let me know if you have any questions. Keep getting up, keep moving forward, and keep dreaming. I am taking my broken heart ???? and teaching it to dream and live again. Heidi is with me every step of the way! Thanks for listening to me and more importantly for being my community. Xo #visionboard #visionboardparty #griefsupport #griefmeetup #euclid #buildingcommunity #greenhouseeuclid

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4. Be Selfish

Sometimes self-love requires sacrifice. You may have to forego giving someone else attention in order to make time for you. Sure, you don't want to be a genuinely selfish person, but, for just one day, it's okay to focus on you without any distractions. If the drama of your friend's breakup is weighing you down or you don't feel like giving someone a ride home from school, so be it. You deserve to focus on what makes you happy. Explaining to someone that you need a day to focus on yourself should be a completely acceptable reason to not be there for them at the very moment.


5. Post a Ridiculously Cute Valentine's Day-Themed IG Image

Regardless of your relationship status, there's absolutely no reason not to jump on a cute photo opp. Valentine's Day is all about hearts and pinks and reds. Throw on your fave red lipstick, put on a cute heart-shaped sweater, and let your followers know who's boss!

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Eat your ❤ out (literally!) with @rawxies on #valentinesday – and every day! ???? #rawxies #vegan #snack #glutenfree

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6. Get a Wild Mani

Basic manicures are for amateurs! Show off your wild side by stepping out of your comfort zone and getting a nail design that's sure to pop. Having freshly polished fingers is an instant confidence-booster—on top of making excellent Insta content.

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7. Take a Fitness Class That's Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Keeping up with a fitness routine is one of the best ways to practice self-care, but why not take things a step further and splurge on a one-day pass to a fancy studio, or take up a class somewhere totally out of the box. Whether it's a ballet-focused fitness class that you've always wanted to try, or something totally unique, like a hula-hoop workout, this is a great opportunity to try something new, and maintain your health in the process.

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We encourage acts of self-love on Feb. 14, but on any other day, HERE's how to help a friend going through a tough time.