Madison Lintz Talks Coming From an Acting Family and Growing Up as Maddie on Bosch

From the very moment Madison Lintz realized she could be an actress, that's all she's wanted to do.

The star, best known for playing Sophia on The Walking Dead and Maddie on Bosch, has been in the acting game for more than a decade, and while Bosch went off the air last year, Madison and the rest of the cast returned in 2022 for the spinoff Bosch: Legacy, in which Maddie is now a rookie cop. We recently got the chance to chat with Madison all about her history with acting, and what it's been like growing up on the set of Bosch right alongside her character. Here's what she shared with us.

Sweety High: When did you discover your passion for acting? Was there any specific a-ha moment that made you realize it was the path for you?

Madison Lintz: When I was 6, my brother and I were on some set with my mom (who's also an actress) and there were other kids on set, who were working! I didn't know children could be in commercials and TV shows and once I realized that I was in. I had the acting bug!

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SH: You've spent a good portion of your career as a part of the Bosch cast. What has that been like? How excited were you to be able to return for Bosch: Legacy?

ML: I feel so honored to have been a part of the Bosch family for so long. I grew up on the show, and I remember most of my young adult life in reference to seasons of Bosch! I don't usually remember what year it was, I remember what season of Bosch I was filming.

I remember going through all of these emotions when I found out Season 7 would be our last. I didn't feel ready to let go of Maddie. I felt like I still had more I wanted to do with her. Titus Welliver told me the news of the spin-off right before we had to film this very somber scene. Let's just say I needed a few moments to collect myself.

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SH: How similar are you to your character, Maddie? What are your biggest similarities and biggest differences?

ML: Maddie will always be a part of me. I've played her for too long for that not to be the case. She's definitely more levelheaded and analytical and reasonable. She's all the responsible and logical parts of me. She also has this unwavering sense of who she is, and I admire her for that. I admire her bravery.

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SH: Do you feel you've grown up alongside Maddie over the years?

ML: I absolutely have. She became an adult with me, graduated high school with me, went through breakups, moved across the country with me. She has been with me for my entire young adult life, and I with hers. That's such a rarity in this industry, to traverse so far with a character, I may never get the chance to again in my career. I'm trying not to take even one moment for granted.


SH: What has been your most memorable moment from the set of the show?

ML: This is a tough one! Traveling to Borrego Springs in Season 4 was such a memorable experience. Bursting into tears when Titus told me about the spin-off is also definitely up there. Most memorable from the spin-off is getting to know the actress who plays my TO, Denise Sanchez.


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SH: What's your favorite thing about being an actress and bringing your characters to life onscreen?

ML: I love the challenge of it. I love how exhilarating it can feel, even in seemingly mundane moments. I love being able to throw my heart and soul into every scene. I love how there's always more to discover about a character, one more element of a scene to consider. I love working with actors who are also passionate about what they do.

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