22 Lyrics From Machine Gun Kelly's New Album Mainstream Sellout That Work as IG Captions

Sound the alarms! Machine Gun Kelly dropped his latest album, Mainstream Sellout, today, March 25, and we are in love.

Actually, obsessed might better describe our feeling toward the album. With banger after banger and so many emotions in the midst, we are on an emotional high after listening to the new album. And with Travis Barker behind the scenes, you can hear some of that blink-182 influence, which we can't get over. If you love Machine Gun Kelly as much as us, continue below to get a look at 22 of the best lyrics from his new album Mainstream Sellout, which also work as great Instagram captions.

For when you're in an emo mood:

"I watched a movie scene, got déjà vu 'cause the antagonist looked just like you."

-"fake love don't last"


For when Mercury is in retrograde:

"Can't decide what is fake. Mercury is retrograding. How much time can I waste constantly feeling the same thing."

-"born with horns"


For when you're looking like a goth-pop girl hybrid:

"She's a goth girl, she's a pop girl."

-"god save me"


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For when you're on your morning run:

"Maybe I'll be gone before you count to 10."



For when you're looking into your S.O.'s eyes:

"I cannot kiss you yet, you're magic, so I'll just stare at you instead."

-"twin flame"


For when you're in a long-distance relationship:

"It's hard to function when I'm without you."

-"drug dealer"


For when you're wearing a super trendy outfit:

"The mainstream's waiting, give them what they want now."

-"mainstream sellout"


For when you're not perfect:

"All I got's this broken heart but you can have the rest of me."

-"make up sex"


For when you love trap music:

"She is a monster in disguise, and she knows all the words to the trap songs."

-"emo girl"


For when you're showing off a killer makeup look:

"Time to confess, confess that you're heartless."



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For when you bleached your hair:

"Bleach my hair, mess it up. Take my life, dress it up."



For when there's a storm outside:

"This frozen ice you call your heart. There's lightning and thunder, the armageddon's 'bout to start."



For when you're showing off your sad tears:

"Only playlists I like are the sad onеs."



For when you're willing to be the villain:

"You got a dark side, well, I got a dark side too."

-"fake love don't last"


For when you're smiling but it's not genuine:

"Smile for the camera. Breakdowns are entertaining."

-"god save me"


For when you're dressed like an emo girl:

"I'm in love with an emo girl. I fell in love with an emo girl. All I want is an emo girl."

-"emo girl"


For when you're showing off your black mani:

"I paint my nails black. If I ever look happy then it's an act."

-"die in california"


For when you're so in love with your partner:

"I'm not watching you with somebody else in this life or the next life."

-"sid & nancy"


For when you and your twin flame are posing together:

"On the first day, you told me, 'I was your twin flame from a past life.'"

-"twin flame"


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For when you're kissing your love in the bleachers:

"God was a girl. The devil wore a T-shirt. Love is a game and they, were kissing in the bleachers."

-"love race"


For when you're ready to quit a bad habit:

"I'm ready to let you go. This time is the last."



For when you always run into your ex:

"I hate that I saw you again last night."

-"why are you here"


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