Join Maren Morris on a Humble Quest of Your Own With These Tarot-Inspired Cards

The incomparable country singer-songwriter Maren Morris released her third studio album, Humble Quest, last week, and we haven't stopped listening since.


It was released last week on March 25, with stunning songs including "Nervous" and the titular "Humble Quest," which tell a story of leaving the past behind while learning to be more mindful and present with the people she loves today. That message of humility and self-care almost reminds us of tarot practices, which is why we're so fascinated with the new "Quest Cards" she released alongside the album.

These cards, written by Maren herself and designed by tarot artist Danielle Noel, each feature one of the 11 song titles from Humble Quest, with a mini-quest designed for self-discovery and joy written on the back.

Maren Morris quest card: Explore your hometown like a tourist

(via Spotify)


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Just click HERE to experience your own "humble quest" and draw a card of your own. Once you do—whether you're tasked with flipping through an old photo album, being a tourist in your own city or planning a little weekend getaway—you can simply push play to listen to the song that inspired the quest, sharing exactly the right vibe for each one. Whether you're feeling distracted or moody and need some grounding, or just love Maren's work, you have to check it out.

Maren Morris humble quest card deck

(via Spotify)


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