How Her Mother's Lifelong Love of Lipstick Inspired Margarita Arriagada to Create Valdé Beauty

Have you ever put on your favorite mascara, eyeliner or lipstick and suddenly felt like the best, most confident version of yourself? That's precisely the ethos behind Valdé Beauty.

Founded by Margarita Arriagada, the brand isn't just about beauty, but the strength and resilience that beauty can reinforce. Valdé's armored lipsticks were inspired by Margarita's mother, who wore lipstick as a kind of armor her entire life. We got the chance to chat with Margarita to learn more about her story and Valdé Beauty, as well as how the brand connects and uplifts women warriors everywhere.

Name: Margarita Arriagada

IG handle: @valdebeauty

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Zodiac sign: Libra

1. Margarita's history with makeup and beauty started when she took over the role of head of color cosmetics for Sephora in early 2004.

"I never had imagined being in the beauty industry when I started my career in merchandising many years ago. I was in fashion and in the home areas but never thought about beauty. The opportunity was serendipitous. I absolutely loved running color cosmetics and saw the beauty industry differently than when I had grown up in the department store world. I loved partnering with the indie brands and having fun with the category."

-Margarita Arriagada

Valdé Beauty founder margarita arriagada headshot

(Image courtesy of Margarita Arriagada)


2. Valdé Beauty's name comes from "valdé" being the Latin word for "very."

"It's a word that emphasizes the word that follows. Our tagline is 'Very You' to place emphasis on being our authentic selves. The word was inspired by my mother's last name Valdelomar, which has a historical lineage in my roots in Perú."

-Margarita Arriagada


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3.  Margarita decided that Valdé Beauty would focus on lipstick because of her mother, who she says wore lipstick for her entire life as "armor."

"It gave her confidence and made her feel beautiful. At the end of her life, she suffered from dementia and did not recognize me, but every time I took out the lipstick, she would perk up and pucker up, ready for application. Filled with delight, she would look at the mirror and kiss it because she saw a beautiful woman in the reflection. I had a profound call to action to create a brand to honor her beauty. She did not remember me, but she never forgot how lipstick made her feel."

-Margarita Arriagada

Valdé Beauty margarita with her mom

(Image courtesy of Margarita Arriagada)


4. Valdé's mission statement is to influence deeper connections between women and help us uplift one another.

"We believe that we all have unlimited potential, and in our collective efforts can change the world for the better. We want to encourage all of us to step into our power, strength and resilience when we allow ourselves to be who we are meant to be. We also believe we have a responsibility to each other. Our vessels, called armors, have been created to honor and celebrate all of who you are."

-Margarita Arriagada

Valdé Beauty armors and liptricks

(via Valdé Beauty)


5. Valdé sets out to be more than a lipstick luxury beauty brand.

"We create our artistic vessels with intention and purpose. Our concept is very personal and with personality. They are not only perfectly functional and versatile but leave an indelible emotion and deeper connection that will leave a lasting memory."

-Margarita Arriagada


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6. Margarita's must-have lip product is the brand's Truth Lip Balm.

"While I am passionate about lipstick, I am more passionate about the care of lips because they are so sensitive. Our lip balm is packed with shea butter, jojoba and castor seed oil for a deep treatment. It is like butter and you just want to smother this lip balm all day long. It's very nourishing."

-Margarita Arriagada

Valdé Beauty truth lip balm

(via Valdé Beauty)


7. The best advice she ever got came from a good friend, who encouraged her to create the brand, even when she didn't yet have the courage to take that leap.

"She told me to trust my instincts. I think the rational part of me pushed back with all the reasons why I should not do this. Most of them related to the challenges I discerned I would experience. And I have experienced everything I feared. But the most important single thing is that we need to do what we are called to do. We are capable of doing hard things, overcoming, learning, growing and impacting. I have grown more as a business person and human being in the last seven years than in my prior 14."

-Margarita Arriagada


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8. She believes the regular habits of exercising faith, praying and meditating have gotten her to where she is today.

"I have learned to let go and let God. I have surrendered to letting God lead in my life."

-Margarita Arriagada

9. She believes in the power of wearing lipstick with intentionality.

"The simple act of putting lipstick on with intention, remembering how capable we are each time we apply, is an act of powerful manifestation."

-Margarita Arriagada

10. For Margarita, the most rewarding thing about her work is building up people and the community.

"I am so stimulated about meeting women who share the same vision for reinforcing and helping each other out. We are a force, and those who know know all that we can do together."

-Margarita Arriagada


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11. Her Peruvian heritage is an important part of the fabric of her life.

"It is a gift I have been given that enriches my life fully. I love my country and roots deeply. It inspires me and has given me a great perspective and appreciation for all human beings and cultures."

-Margarita Arriagada

12. Above everything else, uplifting others is what matters most to Margarita.

"I am someone that deeply wants to impact and help women realize how much potential we have individually and collectively."

-Margarita Arriagada

Valdé beauty divine clarity chevron amethyst lipstick

(via Valdé Beauty)


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