Maude Latour's Dreamy New Single 'Lola' Is an Anthem to Loving and Respecting Your Best Friends

Maude Latour's unique brand of dreamy pop never fails to get stuck in our heads, and her latest single, "Lola," might be our favorite yet.

We've heard songs about best friendships before, but never quite like this. It's partially an anthem to friendship and partially a love song, speaking to the complex and sometimes indistinct nature of relationships, and we are here for it. If you're as curious about its meaning as we are, keep reading to check out our interview with Maude to discover what the song, and its lyrics, mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Lola'

Maude Latour: "Lola" is a love song for my friends. It is an anthem to keep my friends protected, powerful and respected. It is about having each other's backs and feeling confident. It is also an ode to a specific best friend of mine, and being filled with admiration to her complete coolness.


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What 'Lola' Means

ML: Honestly, it's a testament to protecting people I love and keeping them safe. It is dedicated to healing, and to survivors of assault. It is also in honor of friendships that are so deep the lines of romance and love become blurry, something I've experienced in some of my deepest friendships.

Maude Latour Lola artwork with friends

(Photo credit: Anna Koblish)


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Maude's Favorite Lyric

ML: "I want a world good enough to believe in, temperature rise and the planet is heating, all of this time I've been searching for meaning. I remember the reasons. My sister, my friends and the air that I'm breathing."

Maude Latour Lola press image

(Photo credit: Anna Koblish)


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