Millie Bobby Brown's Philosophy on 'Being Loud' Is Inspired, So Take Note

At 14, Millie Bobby Brown is already being called an "icon," and that doesn't seem silly. She's become a household name since Stranger Things propelled her to fame, and she's using her powers for good.

Millie provided a perfect example of how she's impacting people in the new issue of W magazine, which bills her "an icon for her generation."

In her interview, the Emmy-nominated actress covers a range of topics, including her take on making herself heard.

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Millie's comments were pure gold. She was asked if she was ever rebellious, and she said "not so much." However, she made it clear that she makes sure to speak up when it's necessary.

"I'm a very good girl," she told W. "But I do believe in making noise, in being loud."

Now that she has a following, that's especially important. Millie thinks about things like her "message to the world," as she notes in the interview, and it's so important to her to deliver a positive one. We saw exactly that during the MTV Movie & TV Awards last month, when Millie spoke out against bullying.

Yep, when it comes to inspiring people, we'd say she's been succeeding.


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