MisterWives' Shares the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' Behind Hit Song 'Easy'

After a few major upheavals in 2021,  indie-pop band MisterWives dropped the new track, "Easy," earlier this summer—and we think the track is so poignant because it was born out of adversity.

The song, about dealing with loss and the slow process of healing, framed its introspective and emotional lyrics with danceable synths and a great beat to make it just the thing for dancing all of your pain away. The song, in addition to "Where Do We Go From Here?" were released after the band created their own imprint label, Resilient Little Records, under Photo Finish Records / Virgin Music. The band also recently released a "stripped" version of the track, with a dreamier, more somber sound that gives it an entirely different vibe, and we got the chance to chat with MisterWives frontwoman Mandy Lee to learn all about the song, its lyrics and its two boldly different versions.

The Story Behind 'Easy'

Mandy Lee: "Easy" was one of the first songs written after a series of unfortunate events that fortunately helped me navigate my way through. A year ago, we were dropped and a bandmate quit all within a couple of weeks of each other (cue the violins) at a time when the punches were relentless both zooming in personally and zooming out collectively. I listened to this song so much after it was recorded, almost as a little mantra to help me to keep pushing forward.


What 'Easy' Means

ML: While it's never easy, it gets easier, or the tiniest bit more manageable (that doesn't sing as well) remembering all of the times you have made it through before. I hope this song can be a much-needed reminder that even when it doesn't feel like it, you've gotten yourself out of the trenches every single time.

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Mandy's Favorite Lyric

ML: "Learn to soften all my edges, try to bend and take the lessons," is maybe my favorite lyric from "Easy." The harder life has gotten, the softer I've tried to become, and the softer I've become the more malleable I've gotten with bending vs breaking when life gets too heavy.

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The Stripped Version

ML: I've always enjoyed the juxtaposition of a deceivingly somber song disguised as an upbeat dance track, aka disassociating. However, a slower version kept getting stuck in my head and the song spilled her guts more when pulling back the production and not shying away from the crux of "Easy." Having both versions gave the song a home for both when you need to dance it out or cry it out.


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