11 Struggles You Face Waking Up Early For School

It's Labor Day, which means that even if you're already back in school, today you get to take it easy, sleep in and forget about all that homework (at least for a little bit). But tomorrow, we'll all be back to the struggle that is waking up early for school. Believe us. We feel you.

1. When you're in the middle of a beautiful 1D dream and your alarm clock rudely interrupts.

2. Just 5 more minutes, PLEASE.

3. When your Netflix binge last night was such a good idea, but this morning… not so much.

4. You know your alarm clock must have some kind of vendetta against you. Well, the feeling is mutual.

5. Seriously, alarm clocks are the worst.

6. When you know that even though you're technically awake, it'll be a good 3 hours until you can function like a real human.

7. And you don't even dare close your eyes because you know you will pass out immediately.

8. Even though you nearly fall asleep at the wheel…

9. You make it to school in one piece, and awake. But you're not happy about it.


10. You think you're in the clear… until the least exciting class in history lulls you into a sweet sleep.

11. Or, you skip all of those steps and are late for school entirely.

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