6 Things You Should Never Forgive In a Past Relationship

Having an ex is a complicated business.

They're someone you deeply care about, so it's hard to convince yourself to walk away, especially when they're begging for your forgiveness. However, you also have to remember that they're an ex for a reason. Letting go of the past might sound appealing, but it might not be your best option.

While we're not totally against rekindling a romance with your ex, some wounds are simply too deep to repair. Keep scrolling for six inexcusable things you can't forgive an ex for in a past relationship.


It should be common sense, but unfortunately, forgiving an ex who cheated on you is an all-too-common occurrence. While forgiveness might sound logical in the moment, it really isn't. Someone who cheats on you isn't someone who truly cares about you. More than that, they've shown that they can't be trusted in your relationship. Odds are, they'll cheat again. After all, now they know they can get away with it. Don't forgive someone who cheated on you—it's just setting you up for more pain down the line.

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Gaslighting is a manipulation technique that essentially causes you to question yourself, your interpretation of events and sometimes your reality in general. Sounds dramatic, but it'very common in relationships. If you have an ex who constantly made you feel unstable or who suggested that you couldn't rely on yourself, walk away. That person doesn't have your best interests at heart. They just want to manipulate you into accomplishing what they want. They've done it before, and they'll do it again, so it's best to keep your distance.


Disrespecting Your Family

Family and friends are a little complicated in a relationship. While your S.O. might not be BFFs with everyone you care about, they should always respect the important people in your life, especially your family. If your ex was blatantly rude to any member of your family during the course of your relationship, don't allow them back into your life. For starters, disrespecting your family suggests a lack of respect for you as well. Not only that, bridges are already burned. Accepting them back into your life will probably cause tension between you and other people you care about. It's not worth it to date someone who can't fit into your world, so you honestly shouldn't even try.

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Ignoring Your Boundaries

Boundaries are incredibly important in a relationship, no matter what they might be. If you have an ex who consistently crossed the boundaries you set, you can't forgive them. Again, it suggests a total lack of respect for who you are. Plus, it creates a relationship full of pressure and constant worry, as you try to maintain what you want and simultaneously appease your S.O. Find someone who cares about what you think and respects what you want, and let your jerk of an ex go in the process.


Blaming You for Everything

In relationships, you want to be able to rely on the person you're dating. However, relying on someone doesn't mean that they're automatically responsible for everything you say and do. If your ex used to pin all their life problems on you, do not take them back. It suggests a huge lack of maturity that they can't take responsibility for their own actions. Not only that, a relationship where you're completely responsible for the other person is going to be torture, both mentally and emotionally. You deserve better—don't forgive that ex.

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Although snooping doesn't always seem like a big deal, it's a major indicator of the overall health of your relationship. If you had an ex who didn't respect your privacy, you can't forgive them. For starters, it suggests there are some major trust issues at play in your relationship, which will never result in a healthy romance. It also violates your boundaries and suggests a lack of respect for you. An ex who snoops has some serious things going on personally. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in their mess.


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