Nickelodeon Star Madisyn Shipman Aspires to Have a Career Like Sandra Bullock

Madisyn Shipman is a star in her own right, but as a young Nickelodeon actress, she has huge hopes and dreams for her future.

Nickelodeon's Game Shaker's star Madisyn Shipman

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Among those dreams is following in the footsteps of America's beloved Academy Award-winning sweetheart Sandra Bullock!

"I've always loved Sandra Bullock so much," the Game Shakers starlet recently told Sweety High, when we toured her brand new Nickelodeon studios. "I definitely have an emotional relationship and connection to Sandra Bullock. I love her work, I love everything."

Sandra Bullock

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We're not going to lie, little Maddie could surely pass for a mini-Sandy. So, have the two ever crossed paths?

"I've never met her," Madisyn said. "But if I do, I'll probably cry my pants off."

You're not alone, Madisyn—we at Sweety High share the same sentiments!


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